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Dynamic HTML: The HTML Developer's Guide

Jeff S. Rule

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  Paperback, 265pp.
ISBN:    1565923928
Publisher:    Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.
Pub. Date:    November 1998

The newest wave of interactive Web technology--Dynamic HTML--is taught by example in this concise and readable tutorial and reference. The author maintains a Web site on DHTML that contains examples in the book and receives over 300 visits a day.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
If you are tired of programming manuals that start with trivial details and examples and illustrate only the most basic demos, then this book is for you. In Dynamic HTML: The HTML Developer's Guide you will learn DHTML the same way you probably learned HTML-by looking at other people's source code.

Because scripting with DHTML is much more complex than with regular HTML, many web developers are hesitant to begin learning this vital technology. Dynamic HTML is a valuable resource to help you master this important new skill. Both a comprehensive reference guide and a clear tutorial, this book explains the principles behind DHTML and, using a learn-by-example approach, enables you to acquire techniques for effective DHTML scripting. Inspired by the author's web-based DHTML Demos, this book contains solid examples of DHTML that can be taken apart and plugged into existing web pages for dynamic effects. Among its key features, Dynamic HTML offers:

  • Complete, easy to understand coverage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Document Object Models (DOM) for both Microsoft and Netscape versions of DHTML
  • Real-world examples that can be plugged in as is, including animations, drag and drop, timelines, pull-down menus, pop-out menus, transitions, and filters, for creating instant dynamic effects on existing web pages
  • A unique, learn-by-example approach that explains demonstrations in detail, taking the code apart line by line to illustrate the script in action
  • Coverage of Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 5
  • The perfect blend of conversational tone, solid technical explanations, personal insights, and valuable exercises that lighten the task of learning DHTML essentials
  • The companion web site for this book, which includes sample code, demos referenced in the book, and working examples, is located at

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