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HTML: the Definitive Guide

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HTML the Definitive Guide 3rd Edition

Chuck Musciano, & Bill Kennedy

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  Paperback, 3rd ed., 573pp.
ISBN:    1565922352
Publisher:    O'Reilly & Associates
Pub. Date:    September 1998

Chock full of examples, sample code, and practical hands-on advice, this title helps readers to create truly effective Web pages and master advanced features. Learn how to insert images and other multimedia elements, create useful links and searchable documents, use Netscape extensions, design forms, and more.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
Learning HTML is like learning any new language, computer or human. Most students first immerse themselves in examples. Studying others is a natural way to learn, making learning easy and fun. Imitation can take you only so far, though. It's as easy to learn bad habits through imitation as it is to acquire good ones. The better way to become HTML fluent is through a comprehensive language reference, a resource that covers the language syntax, semantics, and variations in detail and helps you distinguish between good and bad usage. HTML: The Definitive Guide helps you both ways: the authors cover every element of HTML, in detail, explaining how each element works and how it interacts with other elements. Many hints about HTML style help you accomplish a variety of tasks, from simple online documentation to complex marketing and sales presentations. With hundreds of examples, the book gives you models for writing your own effective Web pages and mastering advanced features.

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