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Web Pages That Suck  
Web Pages That Suck

Michael Willis , & Vincent Flanders

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  Paperback, 304pp.
ISBN:    078212187X
Publisher:    Sybex, Incorporated
Pub. Date:    March 1998

Here's the straight dope on the World Wide Web - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Movies have Siskel and Ebert...Web sites have Flanders and Willis. If you design Web sites, plan to build one, or are just an active surfer, you need to hear what they have to say. Funny, opinionated, and always to-the-point, Flanders and Willis have developed a reputation for being the Web's leading critics.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
Buyers and consumers beware -- this book is expected to become the best-selling Web design book ever!!! Based on the hugely popular, award winning site (, this beautiful four-color book effectively uses humor and down-to-Earth tactics to teach successful Web design to the masses. There is no better way to learn what works than by discussing what doesn't and then applying some common sense and practical guidance to fix them up. Expect to see authors Flanders and Willis all over the place -- on TV, on radio, in print, and even in person. They are shameless self-promoters who are quickly becoming the Internet gurus. Remember, this book is for everyone from typical Web surfers to professional Web designers. As a bonus, the companion CD is packed with valuable "Software that Doesn't Suck" plus all the HTML from the book.

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