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Web Designers Guide to Style Sheets

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Web Designer's Guide to Style Sheets  
Web Designer's Guide to Style Sheets

Steven Mulder, & Hayden Development Group

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  Paperback, 362pp.
ISBN:    1568303068
Publisher:    Hayden
Pub. Date:    May 1997

The book provides a quick introduction to the benefits of style sheets, and then dives into the details of style sheet syntax and how to use style sheets effectively.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
With Web Designer's Guide to Style Sheets you don't just learn about style sheets - you learn the art of Web design. Packed with clear tutorials and creative examples, this book is the easiest way to get up-to-speed with Cascading Style Sheets. And after you've learned the basics, this book is also the best way to discover design secrets to make your site stand out!

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Why Style Sheets? 1
Ch. 2 The Basics 17
Ch. 3 The Cascade 49
Ch. 4 Fonts 77
Ch. 5 Typography 123
Ch. 6 Colors and Backgrounds 147
Ch. 7 Layout, Part I 189
Ch. 8 Layout, Part II 243
Ch. 9 Classification 269
Ch. 10 Style Sheets Gallery 281
App. A Units 307
App. B Font Faces 315
App. C Online Resources 325
App. D Style Sheets Quick Reference 331
Index 345

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