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Access 97 - No Experience Required
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Access 97 - No Experience Required

Celeste Robinson

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  Paperback, 464pp.
ISBN:    0782121500
Publisher:    Sybex, Incorporated
Pub. Date:    October 1997

All the Access features are highlighted, allowing power users to create a custom application without writing a line of code--like making switchboards, command buttons, hyperlinks, and macros--to create a mini-information highway on or off the Web. Lots of graphics make this book an easy read for people who might be intimidated by thicker, more theoretical books on Access.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
Access 97 No Experience Required is a vital resource for computer users intent on gaining a solid foundation in Access, the popular relational database tool from Microsoft. This book helps you build your knowledge skill by skill, taking you from 0 to 100% in time for your next interview, performance review, or the start of your next project. Access is a tool for building database applications, both simple and complex, and businesses need people who can capitalize on its power. Inside, you'll find clear, step-by-step coverage of all the operations you need to master.
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