HTML Writers Guild Guild Operations Events 2000 Meeting

2000 Membership Meeting Log

24 February 2000

[20:32] <Kynn> If you have any questions, you can /msg kynn <message> or whatever you client supports for private messages. :)
[20:33] * NiaraP nods
[20:33] *** Kynn sets mode: +m
[20:34] <Kynn> Hello, and welcome to the HTML Writers Guild's annual membership meeting for the year 2000! My name is Kynn Bartlett, and as your 1999-2000 President, I'm pleased to serve as the master of ceremonies for this meeting.
[20:34] <Kynn> The channel is configured so that during the main meeting, only Board members and recognized speakers may speak; we'd like to ask you to hold your questions until the end of the meeting, when we'll have an open question-and-answer session.
[20:35] <Kynn> To get started, I would like to introduce the Governing Board to you, in order of seniority, and it will also serve as a roll call of which Board members are present:
[20:35] <Kynn> Gerald Oskoboiny (HWG founding member)
[20:35] <Kynn> <not currently present -- may be delayed>
[20:35] <Kynn> Kynn Bartlett, President (Board member since 1996)
[20:36] <Kynn> (present -- that's me)
[20:36] <Kynn> Ann Navarro, Treasurer/Vice President of Finance (Board member since 1997)
[20:36] <Kynn> <Ann can't make it tonight, due to travel, but she's here in spirit!>
[20:37] <Kynn> Jim Barchuk (Board member since 1997)
[20:37] <jb> Present.
[20:37] <Kynn> Joe Cline, Vice President of Technology (Board member since 1997)
[20:37] <Kynn> <Joe likewise had schedule conflicts and couldn't make it, although he may be on later>
[20:37] <Kynn> Fred Barnett, Assistant Secretary (Board member since 1998)
[20:38] <FredGB> yo
[20:38] <Kynn> Leanne Phillips, Secretary/Vice President of Member Education (Board member since 1998)
[20:38] <Felan> Present. (I'm Leanne.)
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[20:38] <Kynn> Frank Boumphrey, Vice President of Special Events (Board member since February 1999)
[20:38] <frank> Present
[20:38] <Kynn> Marshall Jansen (Board member since November 1999)
[20:38] <Marshall> Present.
[20:39] <Kynn> Chris Higgs (Board member since November 1999)
[20:39] <Kynn> I'd like to extend a special welcome to Marshall and Chris, who joined the Board late last year and who have already proven to be assets to the Board!
[20:39] <Marshall> Thanks.
[20:39] -> *Jon* Hi Jon. We have the group moderated, so you won't be able to speak for now.
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[20:39] <Chris> I'm here (mumbled between bites of lunch :)
[20:39] <Kynn> Due to scheduling conflicts, Gerald, Ann and Joe are unable to attend tonight's meeting, but they send their best regards to our members who are attending tonight.
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[20:41] <Kynn> Our agenda for this meeting is posted on the web at and most of the meeting will consist of reports by members of the board on Guild activities for the last year, and for future years, with time for questions afterwards.
[20:41] <Kynn> The first report is mine, a general overview of the Guild, so I'll begin.
[20:42] <Kynn> My first report is on the overall state of the Guild. The last 12 months have been the most exciting and dynamic in the history of the Guild in terms of growth and maturation as an organization, and I've been pleased to have a part in seeing this very special organization grow towards the potential inherent in an educational cooperative of the best web creators in the world!
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[20:42] <Kynn> The Guild was founded on a very simple premise -- if we share our experience and expertise, we can become better at what we do. And that message has caught on, across the web: We broke the "hundred thousand member" count in July of 1999, and in December we reached another milestone, the 5 year anniversary of the Guild.
[20:43] <Kynn> We expanded our successful online classes program to provide an even broader range of educational offerings in 1999; our mailing lists experienced growth into new technologies with stylesheets and XML lists; we made a real difference in the standards process with XHTML, HTML 4.01, and the Web Accessibility Initiative's recommendations;
[20:43] <Kynn> HWG speakers presented at conferences and workshops around the world thanks to our new Speaker's Bureau program; and we established the AWARE Center, the Guild's premier web developer resource on accessible web design.
[20:44] <Kynn> When I joined the Governing Board in June of 1996, the Guild was just a collection of mailing lists and about 8,000 members; I am honored to have been able to help lead our growth over the years and I thank all of you who have been involved in the process as well.
[20:44] <Kynn> And now we have some reports by members of the Board on specific programs within the Guild.
[20:45] <Kynn> Fred Barnett, our Assistant Secretary, will provide us some information about the growth of the Guild's membership over the last year. Fred, over to you...
[20:45] <FredGB> This report is on our current membership numbers, growth over the last year, and where we may be headed in the future.
[20:45] <FredGB> As of February 22nd, 2000, we have an exact total of 109,366 addresses subscribed to hwg-news. Of these, 105,589 are listed as Trial members; 3,084 Full members; 350 Full members who have taken advantage of one of our discount plans;
[20:46] <FredGB> 339 Business level memberships (that includes associate memberships, so there could be duplicate addresses in this number); and 4 Business level memberships that use one of our discount programs. Unfortunately, we have no Corporate level members.
[20:46] <FredGB> We have members in 158 different countries, with approximately 70% of from the U.S.A., but we do have members on every continent, including Antarctica, which has 1 member. 77,694 of our members are male, 21,460 female, and 11,914 declined to give their gender.
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[20:47] <FredGB> Concerning our growth over the past year, the earliest date we have numbers for is January 22, 1999. On that date we had 91,363 addresses subscribed to hwg-news, which means we've had a nearly 20% increase in our membership since then.
[20:47] <FredGB> By comparison, on January 6th, 1998, we had 50,349 members, which means we more than doubled our membership in two years time.
[20:48] <FredGB> From January 22nd to February 22nd we've averaged about 45 new members per day. If this number remains fairly constant, we can expect around 16,000 new members over the course of the next year, giving us around 125,000 total members.
[20:48] <FredGB> If our other numbers also remain consistent, we can expect 600 to 700 new Full members, 50 more discount Full members, and about 40 new Business level members. All of this assumes we have a very low number of people who resign their membership during the next year.
[20:49] <FredGB> And of course, we hope these numbers will in fact be higher, which is possible when you consider the fact that during the first few months of 1998, we were averaging well over 100 new members per day! If a rush like that were to reoccur, HWG would reap even more benefits.
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[20:49] <FredGB> I would like to thank Michael McGhan, our database administrator and former GB member, for supplying me with the numbers used in this report.
[20:49] <FredGB> Thank you.
[20:50] <Kynn> Our thanks to Mike as well, and thanks, Fred, for an excellent report!
[20:51] <Kynn> I'll interrupt with a brief invitation -- this channel is 'moderated' right now, which means only the board and recognized speakers can talk. However, we've created another channel, '#gallery', where you are welcome to also join and talk if you would like. You don't have to join it, though.
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[20:52] <Kynn> Our next report is from Frank Boumphrey, who is standing in for Ann Navarro, our Treasurer, with a report on the state of the Guild's finances. Frank, over to you.
[20:53] <frank> This will be brief because i know finances bore most people!
[20:53] <frank> Finance.
[20:53] <frank> Main sources of income:
[20:53] <frank> Classes Income doubled in last year
[20:53] <frank> Full members: full members doubled in last year.
[20:54] <frank> Expenses:
[20:54] <frank> Paid staff and contractors
[20:54] <frank> W3C expenses
[20:54] <frank> travel and speakers expenses
[20:54] <frank> Aware center
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[20:54] <frank> we are establishing a cash reserve to tide us through any difficult times.
[20:55] <frank> All in all Income is growing at a greater rate than expenses which is good
[20:55] *** Kynn sets mode: +o Marshall
[20:55] <frank> We anticipate an increase in revenues of 305 this coming year
[20:55] <frank> That should be 30% !
[20:56] <frank> Ann forwards her appologies for not being able to attend
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[20:57] <Kynn> Thanks, Frank! And thank you to Ann as well.
[20:58] <Kynn> Our next set of reports are on specific programs run by the Guild. Leanne Phillips, our Vice President of Member Education, will tell us about the Online Education program.
[21:00] <Felan> Online classes started in August of 1998, with only two classes - Accessibility and HTML 4.0. Since then, we've grown to a full 20 classes, of which there have been 81 sessions. During that year, we also added TAs to several classes to allow us to give more individual help to each student.
[21:00] <Felan> Some of the classes are 'independent subjects', not related to the others except that they're all related to the craft of web design. A few that we've added are follow-ups on other courses.
[21:00] <Felan> There are several courses currently being evaluated, including intermediate level courses; we're planning to add advanced classes later as well. Also planned for the year are course evaluations to let us tune the classes more to member needs; we already have a class survey that gives us help in choosing which new classes to offer.
[21:01] <Kynn> Thanks, Leanne! Online classes have proven to be very popular with our members and with people outside the Guild who join just to take them; I'm sure we'll see more growth in that area in the upcoming year.
[21:02] <Kynn> The next report is by me again! This is about our AWARE Center and web accessibility activities.
[21:02] <Kynn> In April of 1999, the Guild established the Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center, as a resource center for web designers to learn more about making web sites that can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities, people with older computers, and people with the newest hand-held Internet-ready gadgets.
[21:03] <Kynn> The title of the "AWARE" Center was chosen to highlight its mission: To make web designers "aware" that there users who have special needs; to make them "aware" of how those needs can be ignored by thoughtless web design practices; and to make them "aware" of the role the web designer can play in creating accessible pages, by following simple, non-intrusive, standards-based methods of web design.
[21:03] <Kynn> Projects by the AWARE Center over the last year have included: Spearheading our annual "Accessibility Month" focus each April; working with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative on projects such as the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines;
[21:04] <Kynn> speaking at conferences and giving tutorials on accessible web design around the world; developing an online class in web accessibility through the Guild's online education program; and creating a web site that serves as the definitive resource on accessible web design, at
[21:04] <Kynn> That's the end of my report on the AWARE Center.
[21:05] <Chris> Thank's Kynn. G'Day all. I've a brief report on the Guild's Mailing List activities.
[21:05] <Chris> The HWG has a number of mailing lists designed to suit a number of different needs and interests. At present approximately 4000 members subscribed.
[21:06] <Chris> There is a list for beginners, an all purpose list for more advanced designers, and a number of specific topic-oriented lists for members who are only interested in narrow topics or want to limiting the amount of email they receive. The choice of normal or digest modes provides further choice for subscribers.
[21:06] <Chris> Examples of topic-specific lists include:
[21:06] <Chris> HWG-Critique: This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild members' to ask for and give critiques on fellow members pages
[21:06] <Chris> HWG-Graphics.r.nThis list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss the creation and usage of graphics on the web. Its charter includes all forms of graphic creation techniques, graphic display and design issues, and hardware and software used in graphic creation.
[21:06] <Chris> HWG-Servers.r.nThis list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild to discuss matters related to administrating and operating a World Wide Web server, including CGI and server-side programming, HTTPD configuration, and other server issues.
[21:07] <Chris> A complete list is available from
[21:07] <Chris> There have been a couple of important achievements over the past year.
[21:07] <Chris> The first was the creation of HWG-Jobs, a fully moderated list, which allows members to find out about new job opportunities. This includes permanent, temporary, contract, full-time, and part-time, and voluntary notices. Almost 2000 members are currently subscribed to this list.
[21:08] <Chris> The creation of HWG-Style and HWG-XML - two relatively slow lists at present, but as interest (and demand) for XML skills increases, they will provide a ready resource for Guild members.
[21:08] <Chris> Finally, I handed over the reins of the List Guide Program a few months ago and I'd like to present to you all the new List Guide Manager Melanie Trivett and the Assistant List Guide Mananger Judith Kallos.
[21:09] <Chris> Well - Melanie is here, Judi couldn't quite make it :)
[21:10] <Kynn> I'd like to add that Melanie and Judith have done a great job as volunteers helping to run our list guide program, making the list easier for all our members to run.
[21:10] <Kynn> Also, Aaron Choate has done an excellent job as well as our list subscription manager, making sure that mail bounces don't accumulate and helping people who need to join or leave the lists.
[21:11] <Kynn> Our next report is on a project that's just launching this month -- but is already making big splashes in the XML world. Frank Boumphrey will talk to us about the Gutenberg at HWG project.
[21:11] <frank> Project Gutenberg at HWG is just starting to get underway although we are not officially launched. It is a project to mark up etexts as XML or XHTML.See
[21:12] <frank> Even though we are not officially launched, volunteers have already marked up 80 books, and we
[21:12] <frank> have another 50 or so signed out, in fact at this rate we will overtake The parent Project Gutenbers ability to mark up etexts.
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[21:12] <frank> Sorry pressed the return key too soon!
[21:12] <frank> We are actively looking for volunteers for this project.
[21:13] <frank> Thats the end of my report
[21:13] <Kynn> Thanks, Frank! For those of you who are not familiar with the Gutenberg project, be sure to check out the web pages. This is a way to get hands-on experience with XHTML and XML!
[21:14] <Kynn> Now, don't go to far, Frank -- you're also our Vice President of Special Events, so can you tell us about the conferences and speaking engagements the Guild's been involved with?
[21:14] <frank> Special events report
[21:15] <frank> We have been too successful!
[21:15] <frank> We started responding to calls for papers on the premise that on average 1 in 3 papers got accepted. We have however had a 100% succes rate!
[21:15] <frank> Here are some of the recent past an upcoming appearences.
[21:15] <frank> Speakers at Buiderdot com (2)
[21:15] <frank> Vbits(1)
[21:15] <frank> Intranets 2000 Two workshops this coming week
[21:15] <frank> Xtech 2000 this next week
[21:16] <frank> Winwriters
[21:16] <frank> WWW9
[21:16] <frank> XtechEurope
[21:16] <frank> These are in the coming next 2-3 months
[21:16] <frank> We have run out of budget for the rest of the year!
[21:17] <frank> In this case as this is a high profile activity for the guild this is a good thing!
[21:17] <frank> Chris higgs is also presenting for us in australia, and kynn is presenting at AWARE meetings
[21:17] <frank> End of report
[21:18] <Kynn> Thank you, Frank! I think we keep you busy.
[21:18] <frank> Not quite the end
[21:18] <frank> Future plans Meetings and workshops in co-operation with other organizations. we are working on a partnership with Fawcett Tech. publications.
[21:18] <Kynn> Oh! Not quite the end...go ahead. :)
[21:18] <frank> Now its the end!
[21:19] <Kynn> You sure?
[21:19] <Kynn> Is that your final answer?
[21:19] <frank> Yes
[21:20] <Kynn> Correct! Now we will play 'Who wants to be a W3C Rep stand-in?' As you know, Ann Navarro couldn't be here today, and she is our World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) advisory committee representative.
[21:21] <Kynn> The Guild joined the W3C two years ago as the only member organization composed entirely of YOU -- front line web designers who deal with the specs created by the W3C, such as XML, HTML, and CSS.
[21:21] <Kynn> Frank, who works with Ann on the (X)HTML Working Group, will be presenting a summary of what we've been doing the last year or so. Frank?
[21:21] <frank> W3C activities
[21:22] <frank> The guild is the only organization that represents HTML authors. as such our voice is listened too very carefully. We have been very active in preparing the XHTML standards (Ann and i were co editors on this group)and the 4.01 standard (Ann is co-manager of this standard)
[21:22] <frank> Ann has been very active as our AC representitive.
[21:22] <frank> Kynn has been very active on the Accessibility working groups.
[21:22] <frank> We are also represented on the Xlink, the DOM, and the Forms WG's
[21:23] <frank> It is interesting that our opinion is actively sought by members of Microsoft, sun, netscape, and other major players.
[21:23] <frank> End of report
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[21:23] <frank> yes really!
[21:23] <Chris> (WGs = Working Groups)
[21:23] <Kynn> :)
[21:23] <frank> Thanks chris
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[21:24] <Kynn> Thank you, Frank! For more information about the Guild and our W3C activities, you can see the Guild site at, or the W3C site itself,
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[21:25] *** Kynn sets mode: +o Marshall
[21:25] <Kynn> That concludes our reports on current HWG activities. Now we're going to look a little to the future, and Marshall Jansen, one of our newest Board members, will appropriate speak to the future of the Guild.
[21:25] <Marshall> The Guild has a lot of plans for the future, to continue our growth, and to become the best resource for web developers of all skill levels to come together and share their skills and information with each other.
[21:25] <Marshall> To reach these goals, the Governing Board is working on several key strategic points.
[21:25] <Marshall> We're developing a marketing plan, to advertise the Guild to the rest of the web community. One of our goals is that 'Wherever web developers meet, the HWG should be there'.
[21:25] <Marshall> To do this, more of the web hobbyists and professionals need to know about us, so a marketing plan, getting us more exposure, is currently being implemented.
[21:26] <Marshall> This marketing plan will include getting sponsors, advertising, press releases, and continuing our grass-roots efforts as well.
[21:26] <Marshall> In addition, our online classes are also a major part of the future of the Guild.
[21:26] <Marshall> We want to find (and fill!) the holes in our curriculum now, keep abreast of new technologies/classes that should be offered, implement an evaluation procedure, and improve the classroom interface.
[21:26] <Marshall> And that's just for starters! Hopefully these improvements will continue to develop throughout the year.
[21:27] <Marshall> We also want to build up a physical aspect of the Guild... participating in regional, national, and international meetings and conferences to begin with, and later actually hosting our own HWG Events.
[21:27] <Marshall> While we show up at trade shows around the world now, actually hosting one is something that we've discussed, and would really like to do in the future!
[21:27] <Marshall> That's al I have, hope it didn't go too fast :)
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[21:28] <Kynn> As a reminder, our strategic plan for the next three years is posted at
[21:28] <Kynn> Thanks for an excellent report, Marshall. The future of the Guild will be as exciting as the last 5 years have been!
[21:29] <Kynn> At this time, I would like to recognize and thank one of our Governing Board members, Jim Barchuk, whose term on the Board is concluding this year. Jim has been an encouragement on the Board the last three years, with his easy demeanor, quick wit, and his cheery 'have a :) day' signoffs.
[21:29] <jb> Tnx. more...
[21:29] <jb> I appreciate the privilege of working with this fine group of people.
[21:29] <jb> I retire (but not gone) knowing that the HWG will continue to be -THE- premiere internet educational organisation of the future.
[21:30] <jb> Kudos to the GB, and the army of volunteers that help run everything.
[21:30] <Kynn> The HTML Writers Guild extends our thanks to Jim for an excellent term of service as a member of the Governing Board. Thank you, Jim!
[21:30] <jb> Not much. Done. See y'all in -ops! j/k :)
[21:30] <Kynn> Surely you can sign off with something more traditional, Jim. :)
[21:30] <jb> Have a HAPPYFACE day!
[21:31] <jb> OK, have a :) too.
[21:31] <Kynn> This brings us to the end of the official meeting; thank you all for coming and listening to what we have to say. I'd like to invite you all to stay and enjoy the refreshments in the lobby, but as this is a virtual meeting, we don't have any of those!
[21:31] <Kynn> We will, however, have an informal question and answer session immediately following the meeting with any Governing Board members who are able to stay around; some of us may have to leave due to time constraints.
[21:32] <Kynn> Again, I thank you for coming, and I officially close the 2000 Annual Membership Meeting. Thank you!
[21:32] <jb> Thanks Kynn, very cool.
[21:32] <frank> I will have to go soon as i have an early plane tomorrow, but will stay for the next 15 minutes!
[21:32] <Kynn> Thank you, Jim!
[21:32] <FredGB> Thank you all for coming.
[21:33] <Marshall> Thanks for coming, everyone
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[21:34] <Chris> Thanks all - not a bad attendance :)
[21:34] <Kynn> Now we're to the time where we let you talk! Questions on any topics related to Guild activities are welcome, and we'll try to answer them as best we can. If you would like to ask something -- or just give a comment or statement -- please send me a private message and I will add you to the queue of recognized speakers.
[21:34] <Kynn> Questions or comments, anyone?
[21:34] *** LadyDragn has left #meeting (LadyDragn.)
[21:35] <Kynn> If you have a question, send me a private message...
[21:35] <Kynn> No private messages yet... :)
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[21:36] *** Kynn sets mode: +v bri
[21:36] <Kynn> Bri has a question -- go ahead?
[21:36] <bri> Do the Board members feel 4,000 subscribers to the mailing lists is a good percentage of the total 109,000 members?
[21:37] <Chris> That 4000 is my estimate from the stats Aaron kindly provided me with
[21:37] <FredGB> I think it's good that we are in the thousands, but I do wish it were more.
[21:38] <Kynn> Bri, I'd say that it just shows that we can't rely on one approach to meet the needs of our members <more>
[21:38] <jb> ~4%, yes, not everyone is here just for the lists. Lists are just the way we started, but there 's more than that to the HWG.
[21:38] <bri> I'm surprised it is so low in comparison to the number of members we have, are we failing somewhere
[21:38] <Kynn> At one time, all we were -was- a bunch of mailing lists -- these days we have classes, we have web site resources, we have other ways for people to get information. We assume they choose what's best for them.
[21:39] <Kynn> Also many members will join off and on a list depending on their needs.
[21:39] <Chris> No - not everyone has the time for mailing lists. Some members rely on the website and resource information - or prefer to search the archives.
[21:39] <frank> Actually 4% is quite a good percentage!
[21:39] <Kynn> By the way, sorry if we're all 'ganging up' on you. It's a good question. We're just all wordy. :)
[21:39] <bri> is that _you_ final answer......!
[21:39] <Kynn> We'll try to coordinate better on our answers. :)
[21:40] <jb> I -never- have a final answer, it's all an evolution. :)
[21:40] *** Farlox has quit IRC (Ping timeout.)
[21:40] <Kynn> Bri, if you'd like, you can work with our List Guides on helping make the lists more useful. :)
[21:41] <Chris> Umm - "Bri" IS a list guide :-)
[21:41] <Kynn> Oh! I didn't know. :)
[21:41] <Kynn> Then you're already helping!
[21:41] <Kynn> Okay, next up we have a question from Carole.
[21:41] *** Kynn sets mode: +v Carole
[21:41] <Kynn> Carole? You have the floor
[21:42] *** Kynn sets mode: -v bri
[21:42] <Carole> Thank you, sir. To Frank, RE: the Email today, YES, I'd love to!!! :)
[21:43] <Carole> Secondly, I read a post in the futures forum from a member in Europe. His was a valid question and I promised to bring it up here. He'd like to know if it would be possible to hold the meetings on European time once in a while.
[21:44] <Carole> He'd like to participate. Rotation of days and times were his suggestion.
[21:44] <Marshall> We've actually discussed that, Carole
[21:44] <Carole> Great!
[21:45] <frank> unfortunately most of us have day time jobs, which makes that difficult.
[21:45] <Marshall> The problem is that the majority of the folks running the meetings (and the majority of the guild) was American, so we had a slant (not purposeful, mind you) to hold things on times conveneinet for us
[21:46] <Carole> I know, but now that we are expanding so quickly, perhaps we can find a way to get them more involved. ?
[21:46] <Marshall> But we do have plans to have meetings that are more suitable for other parts of the world... with the understanding that it's always 3am SOMEWHERE so we'll never please everyone
[21:46] <Carole> True, but I'd sacrifice to allow them an opportunity.
[21:47] *** frank has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[21:47] *** Melanie has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[21:47] <Kynn> Frank unfortunately had to leave, as he'd mentioned before, but have no fear, he'll read the log. :)
[21:47] <Chris> If you will excuse me - I have to head off for a meeting in town. Thanks to all who turned up - hopefully you won't regard the "GB members" as strangers in future.
[21:47] <Chris> (A little strange perhaps, but that's a different story :)
[21:47] <Kynn> Thanks, Chris! G'day and all that stuff!
[21:48] <Marshall> Suffice to say, we know it's an issue, and we'll resolve it as soon as we can
[21:48] *** Chris has left #meeting (Chris.)
[21:48] <Kynn> Thanks for the questions, Carole!
[21:48] <Carole> Kewl, as the saying goes.
[21:48] *** Kynn sets mode: -v Carole
[21:49] <Kynn> Next, Khyri has a question, and then skyhawk after her (end of queue)
[21:49] *** Kynn sets mode: +v Khyri
[21:49] <Khyri> Recently, TV news has emphasized the importance of checking what web sites do with your personal information when you enter it, following the "Doubleclick scandal". Does the HWG have a privacy policy, and if so, have they given any thought to making it easy to find on the web site?
[21:51] <Kynn> Good question, Khyri. Right now we are in the process of working on a privacy policy for the Guild site. We are being very careful with this to do it right, because we realize that like our HTML and CSS files, the Guild's site is looked to as an example.
[21:52] <jb> We are asked on occasion if we'd share out member list. We have a standing policy of not doing that. Don't know if it appears in print on the site, maybe it should, good idea.
[21:52] <Kynn> Joe Cline, one of our Board members, is working on the formal written policy, but unfortunately he's not here tonight; our long-standing policy has always been, though, to not give out member information.
[21:52] <Khyri> I checked, and it appears in the newsletters, but according to search, nowhere else.
[21:53] <Kynn> We'll have it up soon, I'm sure. :) If you have suggestions, you can use the HWG suggestion box at to give the Board an idea of what you'd like to see in the formal HWG privacy policy. Our unofficial policy has always been "do not release information."
[21:54] <Kynn> Does that answer the question?
[21:54] <Khyri> Yes, you can move on :) Thank you.
[21:54] <Kynn> Thanks.
[21:54] *** Kynn sets mode: -v Khyri
[21:54] <Kynn> Next question is from skyhawk, and it's the last one in the queue.
[21:55] *** Kynn sets mode: +v skyhawk
[21:55] <Kynn> Go ahead, skyhawk
[21:55] <skyhawk> What kind of new partnerships are we looking to form?
[21:56] <Kynn> Okay, I'll take this as we're looking at each other on the Board waiting to see who will answer. :)
[21:57] <Kynn> Right now the Board is still in an exploration phase when it comes to partnerships. We're very cautious and have a long history of being a "conservative" board. (more)
[21:57] <Kynn> The reason for this is that we know that our "reputation" is really all that sets us apart, and we want to make sure that partnership deals remain true to the spirit of the Guild and won't compromise our principles. (more)
[21:58] <Kynn> A few years ago, I wrote a joke message "announcing" that we'd been bought by Microsoft, and now we'd have only lists on ASP, VB, etc. We have to maintain our vendor neutrality, while still looking for ways to better serve our members.
[21:59] <skyhawk> Non-profits I would assume. Maybe I should ask what kind of result we're looking for in a partnership?
[21:59] <Kynn> Fred Barnett you're working on a partnership deal with a non-profit, can you tell us a little about that? (Understanding that nothing is final, so you may not be able to name names.)
[21:59] <Kynn> (I'll answer in just a sec, skyhawk :) )
[22:00] *** Marshall has left #meeting (Marshall.)
[22:00] *** Marshall has joined #meeting
[22:01] <FredGB> Well, my idea is to get us involved with another organization, possibly supplying judges for a web design contest the org may hold in the future. <more>
[22:01] *** jb sets mode: +o Marshall
[22:02] <FredGB> This will not only get involved with this non-profit org, but may also serve as a way for us to work with some of the other web design groups out there.
[22:03] <FredGB> I'm done, unless you'd like to hear more.
[22:03] <skyhawk> Would we want to work with arts groups? I assume politics is out.
[22:03] <Kynn> Thanks, Fred!
[22:04] <Kynn> skyhawk, we'd probably be open to many groups with compatible goals and aims -- for example, Project Gutenberg is really all about the arts, when it gets down to it -- the literary arts. <more>
[22:04] <Kynn> The partnerships we are most interested are those which advance the goals and aims of the Guild, and which are in accordance with our three year strategic plan "blueprint."
[22:04] <Kynn> Here's a quote...
[22:05] <Kynn> The mission of the HTML Writers Guild is to build awareness of web page authoring and related services as a skilled pursuit, to assist members in developing and enhancing their capabilities;
[22:05] <Kynn> to compile and publicize information regarding standards, practices, techniques, competency, and ethics as applied to WWW design and development;
[22:05] <Kynn> and to contribute to the development of the Web and Web technical standards and guidelines.
[22:05] <skyhawk> PG is why I asked. OK, that answers my question.
[22:05] <Kynn> So partners who share parallel (not necessarily identical) goals are invited to work along side us to promote the skilled use of the web.
[22:05] <Kynn> :)
[22:06] <Kynn> Hope that helps -- if you have any specific questions you can email us ( mail will be sent to the entire board if requested) or use the suggestion box. :)
[22:06] <jb> Almost anything 'web-specific' is possible.
[22:07] <Kynn> Okay! Thanks skyhawk, a good question.
[22:07] *** Kynn sets mode: -v skyhawk
[22:07] <Kynn> If there are no more questions, I'll conclude our question and answer/comments period, open the floor to everyone, and we all can go home. :)
[22:07] <Kynn> Last call...
[22:08] <Kynn> Okay, thanks for coming everyone! This meeting is over! You can hang around if you like, but most of us are clearing out!
[22:08] *** Carole has left #meeting (Carole.)
[22:08] *** Kynn sets mode: -m
[22:08] <Kynn> Floor is now open.
[22:09] <Marshall> Good night everyone, time for bed for me
[22:09] <Jon> Nice to meet you all!
[22:09] <Kynn> Thanks for coming by, Jon!
[22:09] <Marshall> Glad all of you could make it
[22:09] *** Marshall has left #meeting (Marshall.)
[22:09] <bri> G'night Mr. Pres and GB members it was a good meeting and thank you for answering my question LOL
[22:09] <Kynn> We have monthly town hall meetings, you're invited (as is eveyrone else)
[22:09] <Felan> I need to trot off, food would be nice, but thanks all for coming and I hope you found it enlightening and/or useful!
[22:09] *** Felan has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[22:09] *** bri has left #meeting (bri.)
[22:10] <Kynn> Closing don't have to go home but you can't stay here.
[22:10] <nancy> are you going to start singing?
[22:10] <Kynn> I already have!
[22:11] <^lexi> good nite and thanks
[22:11] *** ^lexi has left #meeting (^lexi.)
[22:11] <oedipus> signoff adios, amigos!
[22:11] <oedipus> exit
[22:12] <oedipus> quit
[22:12] <jb> Oed, ALT-F4 :)
[22:13] <oedipus> quit
[22:13] *** skyhawk has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[22:13] <oedipus> quit
[22:14] <jb> Oed, try '/part'
[22:14] <FredGB> try "/exit" (but without the quotes).
[22:14] <oedipus> exit
[22:14] <Yvonne> or .../leave
[22:14] *** oedipus has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[22:15] <jb> Mine's Linux and 'unusual,' so I am often incorrect.
[22:15] <FredGB> Well, I'm outta here. Night all. Thanks for coming.
[22:15] <Yvonne> I just use the X in the corner of the window usually hehehe
[22:16] <jb> Nite Fred. You Da Man!

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