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The 6th International WWW Conference

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The HTML Writers Guild has been invited to be a part of The 6th International WWW Conference to be held April 7-12, 1997 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The theme of this year's conference is "Everyone, Everything, Connected"

The Guild's participation will include:

Presentations - 7 April, 1997

9 AM Introduction to the HTML Writers Guild
Speaker: Kynn Bartlett, Governing Board member (

Governing Board Member Kynn Bartlett will present a brief history of the HTML Writers Guild, one of the first virtual organizations devoted to web development. Topics to be addressed will include the future of HWG as it evolves as a non-profit organization and expands its member services and benefits program.

Virtual Team Building in a Real World: The Challenges of Consulting for Community Access Networks
Speaker: Heath M Rezabek, Governing Board member (

Heath Rezabek, HWG Governing Board Member, will be presenting a short session on his work with the Austin Free-Net, a public access organization in Austin, Texas. Austin Free-Net asked Heath to consult on a possible structure for a "Teen Web Team" initiative. In the process, Heath also researched, and discusses here, the complications involved in bringing about such a long-term group. These include: follow-through on AFN projects already done, continuity of volunteer support for the Teen Web Team, and how mentoring help might be gained from people scattered throughout the Internet, in addition to those local to Austin. Self-organizing workgroups are discussed, as well as a model which supports this, dubbed an "Inlet Architecture". Question and answer session will follow the presentation. All interested in community networks or related universal access projects are encouraged to attend.

Design for Useability
Speaker: Kathy E. Gill, Governing Board member (

Graphic design can enhance a communications effort or it can interfere. In the established world of print, the interference may be minimized given that the user is very familiar with the interface (paper, words, read left-to-right, top-to-bottom in western cultures). However, graphic design on a web site can easily hinder the communications effort, particularly if it results in a change in the interface familiar to the user. Drawing on research from psychologists and communications professionals, this presentation examines the effectiveness of design, from a useability perspective, using the case-study (review specific sites) approach. References cited include The Design of Everyday Things, Graphic Design for the Electronic Age, Envisioning Information, and Graphics and Web Page Design.

Exhibit Hall - 8 April through 10 April, 1997

Due to the generosity of HWG Webmaster Michael Dickey and his company, Terminus System Designs, Inc., the Guild will have a presence at the WWW6 Exhibit Hall. We plan to have various members of the Guild's Governing Board, staff members, and other folks available at the Terminus Systems booth to chat with members attending the trade show. Look for us there! (And please, drop Michael a note thanking him for his generosity) Please note that there is an entrance fee for the exhibit if you are not a conference attendee.

Membership Meeting - 7 April, 1997 - 8 pm PST

The Guild is planning to hold a Membership Meeting for Bay Area Guild members and conference attendees off site from the WWW6 conference.

Late-Breaking News! 2 April, 1997

We have found space for a Membership Meeting at Stanford University in Room B03 of the Gates Info Sciences Building. The meeting will be from 8 until 10 pm. Standford is in Palo Alto, a few miles northwest of Santa Clara. Directions to the Gates Building can be found at:

A map of the Stanford Campus can be found at:

Free parking is available across the street from the Gates Building and in several locations on campus. Look for HWG signs to guide you to the room.

Check back for the latest update or watch for an announcement in the Guild's Newsletter!

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