HTML Writers Guild Guild Operations Events Survey

HWG Web Trade Show Survey

What Internet, Web, and Ecommerce trade shows do you attend? Which ones would you attend if they were more affordable? Which do you feel have the most prestige? Would you like to see the Guild sponsor a show for Web developers? Tell us here!

1. Which North American based Web-related trade shows do you attend or are you interested in attending?

Internet World - Los Angeles
Internet World - Chicago
Internet World - New York
Internet World - Canada
ISPCON - West Coast
ISPCON - East Coast
Comdex - Las Vegas
Comdex - Chicago
Comdex - Miami
Comdex - Canada

NetWorld+Interop - Las Vegas
JavaOne - San Francisco
World Wide Web Expo (e.g WWW8)
CNET's Web.Builder
Web Design 99 - Atlanta (98, etc)
eBusiness World - Orlando
JavaScript Conference (Seattle, others)
Web Design & Development - San Francisco

2. Which international events do you/would you attend?

Internet World - UK
Internet World - Berlin
Internet World - Italy
Internet World - France
Internet World - Asia (Hong Kong)
Internet World - Japan
Internet World - Australia

SMAU - Milan, Italy
CeBIT - Germany
E-commerce Summit - Rome
Comdex - Beijing
Comdex - Cairo
Comdex - Argentina
Comdex - Japan
Networld+Interop - France
Networld+Interop - Sydney
Networld+Interop - Singapore or Japan

3. What North American show(s) do you/would you attend that we have overlooked?

4. What Euorpean show(s) do you/would you attend that we have overlooked?

5. What Pacific/Asian show(s) do you/would you attend that we have overlooked?

6. If the Guild were to sponsor a show, when would you like to see it occur?

Spring (February - May)
Summer (June - September)
Fall/Winter (October - January)

7. What city would you prefer?

New Orleans, LA, USA
Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Orlando, FL, USA
San Francisco/San Jose, CA, USA
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, USA
San Diego, CA, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
New York City, NY, USA
Nashville, TN, USA
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada
Montreal, QB, Canada

8. Should it be held in another North American city we have overlooked?

9. Optional Data:

Your name
Your HWG Member ID
Your email address
Your home country

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