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The 'gutpoems1' DTD

The gutpoems dtd has the basic top level structure, and can take as many poemsfrag elements as you want. poemsfrag can also stand a lone with its own DTD for ease of authoring. The full 'poemsfrag' dtd can be obtained here. The next page also has a description and a few notes on the use of this DTD. A tutorial on using this DTD to mark up poems can be found here

The following figure shows the top level structure of the gutpoems DTD.

The parts of an e-text

Here are the element content declarations for the gutpoems1.DTD

<!ELEMENT gutpoems (gutblurb,markupblurb,poemsfrag*,endmarkupblurb?,endgutblurb?)>

<!ELEMENT gutblurb (#PCDATA|para|subsect|title)*>
<!ELEMENT markupblurb (#PCDATA|para|subsect|title)*>
<!ELEMENT endmarkupblurb (#PCDATA|para|subsect|title)*>
<!ELEMENT endgutblurb (#PCDATA|para|subsect|title)*>
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