HTML Writers Guild Guild Operations HWG, Inc.

Corporate Information

The HWG Corporate Bylaws
The Guild's "Bible" for membership.
The HWG Governing Board
Officers of the HWG
HWG Strategic Plan, 1999 to 2002
The Governing Board's roadmap for the next three years.

Historical Documents

Foundation Status Classification
(1996) Letter from the IRS providing an advance ruling on non-profit status
Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
(1997, 1998, 1999, 2000) Financial disclosure documents (IRS Form 990)
The HTML Writers Guild, Inc. - Incorporation Documents
(1996) The HTML Writers Guild paper trail to Incorporation
The HWG Notice of Incorporation
(1996) The HTML Writers Guild Notice Of Incorporation as it appeared in the June 21, 1996 edition of The Gwinnett Daily Post.
The HWG Incorporation FAQ
(1996) Then-HWG President Spurlock answers some questions on the incorporation plans.

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