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How to check HTML pages for mistakes.

HTML Resources

Doctor HTML
Description: Single page or site analysis based on form input URL. This online tool offers suggestions for errors detected in a given document or site, with alltests as default, or optional user selected tests.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 15:50:12
Description: An interactive HTML validator which allows validation based on various standards and which will work in the foreground (wait for browser displayed results) or mail you the results of an entire site validation.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 15:54:28
W3C HTML Validation Service
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:08:10
Weblint Home Page
Description: Neil Bowers' excellent syntax and style checker for HTML documents: a Perl script which you can download and install on your system . Weblint looks for some common HTML problems, specifically targeted to finding things which are known to confound existing Web browsers. See the list of WWW Weblint gateways.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 15:58:44
Online Weblint Service
Description: Clay Webster provides this Web interface to Weblint, which allows you to remove syntax errors by specifying URLs or HTML code.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 15:59:35
htmlchek: a HTML syntax and cross-reference checke
Description: Henry Churchyard's awk or perl scripts, which check syntax, do local cross-reference checking, translate dangerous 8-bit characters to their HTML entities, generate tables of contents, and more.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 16:01:06
Spyglass HTML Validator
Description: A FREE standalone (offline) validator for Windows95 users.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 16:01:49
CSE 3310 HTML Validator
Description: This is a shareware (150 document trial) offline html validator for 32 bit (win95 and NT) based machines with drag & drop support and integration with some html editors.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 16:02:20
Description: A shareware (30 day trial) 32 bit (win95 & NT) suite of site management utilities. Among other capabilities, this tool verifies links and syntax of references.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 16:07:43
Description: A shareware (14 day trial) server based PERL script (Unix and NT) which will verify internal and external links and generate site maps. Requires shell access to your server, PERL 5 or higher, and the ability to run CGI scripts.
Last checked: 4/2/1999 16:09:18

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