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Java is a portable, interpreted, high-performance, object-oriented programming language. It has seen and probably will see an ever increasing popularity because of these features.

NewTech Resources

Description: Huge but easily navigated site devoted to all things Java. Includes How To, Applets, Source Code,Publications, and too many other resouces to mention.
Source: EarthWeb [1997-05-03]
Last checked: 2/27/2001 07:31:02
The Java Tutorial
Description: Must have for the beginning Java programmer.
Source: Sun Microsystems [1997-08-03]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:21:32
JavaSoft Home Page
Description: The company that began it all. Difficult to navigate but worth the aggravation.
Source: Sun Microsystems [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:20:55
The Java Developer
Description: Recources, products, and information for the serious developer.
Source: Digital Focus [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:24:44
The Java Programming Language
Description: Guide to information about the Java language, associated events, reference materials and resources for users and developers.
Source: WWW Virtual Library [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:25:24
Symantec Internet Tools
Description: Symantec's Java Development Tools-Cafe, Visual Cafe, dbAnywhere, and a JIT for Win 95/NT
Source: Symantec [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:26:11
Java WorkShop
Description: Sun's Graphical Java Development Enviornment. Written in Java and using a browser interface.
Source: Sun Microsystems [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:26:35
SuperCede Java
Description: Java development enviornment from Asymetrix.
Source: Asymetrix [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:26:51
Visual J++
Description: Microsoft's Java development environment.
Source: Microsoft Corporation [1997-02-11]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:27:29
Java Woman home page
Description: Many links to tutorials, tools, faqs, and more.
Source: Marjolein Katsma [1997-08-03]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:27:48
Cafe Au Lait
Description: Tutorial, FAQ, listings of user groups, books.
Source: Elliotte Rusty Harold [1997-08-26]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:28:04
The Java Centre
Description: Many applets, links to other Java-related sites.
Source: The Java Centre [1997-08-26]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:28:23

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