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While our new-user orientation is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the RFP Service, we have found that the answers to a few common questions are occasionally over-looked. Within the RFP Service (and other Guild areas), your 'user name' is simply your Guild Member ID Number. You specified your password when you joined the Guild. If you have forgotten your password, and repeated guesses fail, contact to request a password reset. If you would like to upgrade your membership level, instructions are available in the membership information area.

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Activities for Experienced Users

Full members
  • Post an RFP
  • Query the archive of active RFPs
  • Query the archive of expired RFPs
  • View the RFPs you have posted
  • To view a specific RFP, enter the RFPID below and click View RFP:
  • Post an RFP (when prompted for username & password use "guest" for both)
  • Query the archive of expired RFPs

New-User Orientation

The HTML Writers Guild has (as of this writing) over 50,000 members including Internet development professionals and enthusiasts with a wide variety of skills and experience. As a natural extension of those members' needs and the Guild's own mission, we are developing a means for Guild members to share contractual and employment opportunities with other Guild members.

U.S. law makes a distinction between employees and independent contractors. This distinction may or may not exist within the laws of locations outside the United States. The conceptual difference is still important, however, because the RFP Service is to be used only for freelance or contractual work. For more details on the differences between freelance or contractual work and regular jobs or employment, please refer to the discussion included with the RFP Service's disclaimer.

If you have a project, or part of a project, that you would like to contract out to an outside source, you need to submit a Request For Proposals through our RFP Service.

If you are looking for a contractual or freelance opportunity, then you will want to take advantage of the Request For Proposals Service to see if any Guild members are requesting proposals for projects which require the skills you possess. You can do this by searching through the archive of active RFPs. You may also want to subscribe to have newly- posted RFPs e-mailed directly to you.

Note: These services are available to full members of the HTML Writers Guild. We offer a portion of these service to trial Guild members, as well as the general public. For example, we allow all users to post RFPs and to access a database of expired RFPs. These expired RFPs are stripped of all contact information so that users cannot accidentally reply to an expired RFP. The available data will give users an idea of the service available only to full Guild members. If you are not a Guild member, or would like to upgrade your membership, you may become a full member by following these instructions.

The RFP Service has four primary means of access:

  • Post Submission Form
    Members will use this form to enter various data about their Request For Proposals. The form will gather contact information, time line information, language, skill, and geographic requirements for the project, as well as the main body of the RFP and a 100-word summary.

  • Mailing List
    Users may subscribe to receive e-mail whenever a new RFP is posted. This e-mail will include all of the data gathered by the post form, with the exception of the main body of the RFP. A URL will be provided so that interested readers may access the complete RFP.

  • Active Archive
    For as long as proposals will be accepted in response to an RFP, that RFP will be available in our archive of active RFPs. This archive will be searchable on the basis of the location, time line, language, geographic, and skill requirements gathered by the post form. The poster of an RFP may choose to 'expire' their RFP out of this archive at an earlier date than given on the post form if they receive sufficient response prior to that date.

  • Expired Archive
    Once an RFP has expired, it will be placed into an archive of expired RFPs. This archive will be accessible to all Guild members, and searchable by many of the same criteria as the active RFP archive. All contact information (except for any that might appear in the main body or summary) will be stripped from each RFP so that users cannot reply to the expired requests.
    This archive will allow users to view examples of previous RFPs prior to preparing their own, and will also give users a tool with which to gauge which skills are most marketable in the Internet development industry.

To learn more, please read About the RFP Service and How to Use the RFP Service. These two pages, and the additional pages to which they link, will provide you with plenty of information about this service. Should you have any questions not answered within any of these pages, please send mail to the

Directory of Pages

Information and Instruction:

User Interface (full members):
  • Post an RFP
  • Query the archive of active RFPs
  • View the RFPs you have posted
  • Manage your subscription to full member level lists

User Interface (public):
  • Post an RFP (when prompted for username & password use "guest" for both)
  • Query the archive of expired RFPs

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Sample E-mail Messages:

Contact Information:
These volunteers should be able to answer most of your questions and see that our documentation is updated to reflect common concerns. These individuals will be able to address any complaints you might have and would love to hear your praise as well.
Should you wish to volunteer time and energy to this service, or should you have a concern with an action taken by any of the RFP moderators, you may contact the service's manager.
The Jobs and Contracts manager coordinates all four of the area's services (Request For Proposals, Professional Service Offers, Jobs Available, and Jobs Wanted). Please feel free to direct any questions, comments, or concerns related to these programs to this individual.

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