RFP Credits Page

The Request for Proposal Service is proudly dedicated to J. Coquette Owen.
For more information, please see the Dedication Page.

Jobs and Contracts Management:
Kynn Bartlett (, Vice President of Marketing and Outreach
Damon Zirkler (, Jobs and Contracts Area Manager
Eugene C. Gruhler III (, Request For Proposals Service Manager
Current RFP Moderators
Frederick Ackers (
Shawn Collins (
Joseph Cote (
Eugene C. Gruhler III (
Douglas Jose (
Jim Lewis (
Keith Smiley (
Vasco Veloso (
Damon Zirkler (
Current Jobs and Contracts Development Team
Jim Campbell (
Jim Lewis (
Eugene C. Gruhler III (
Matthew Wickline (
Damon Zirkler (
The RFP Development Team would also like to thank:
Travlang ( for the use of their language list.

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