Request For Proposal Service 'Creating' FAQs

RFP 'Creating' FAQs

  • Q.   What is an RFP?
    A.   An RFP or Request for Proposals is a request for qualified professionals to submit proposals in consideration for a contract to complete the project(s) described within the RFP.
  • Q.   How do I write an RFP?
    A.   For full instructions on writing an RFP see the RFP How To's.
  • Q.   Can I post an RFP in any language other than English?
    A.   Because the RFP Service is a moderated list in English you must use English in your request.
  • Q.   How soon after I submit an RFP will it be posted?
    A.   Your RFP must be checked by a moderator to make sure it is within the bounds of this service's guidelines. As soon as it has been approved it will be accessible in the archive of active RFPs. If there is a problem you will be notified and be asked to resubmit a revised version. Please allow twenty four hours for your RFP to be moderated.
  • Q.   When will I see results?
    A.   Once the service gets up to speed and has a decent number of subscribers, you may receive plenty of results prior to the expiration of your RFP. Set that date according to your needs. If it is imperative that this project be started immediately you may want to investigate other options in addition to our service.
  • Q.   I can't seem to access the RFP submission form. What am I doing wrong?
    A.   Only full members have access to this form. If you are a full member and are still having problems, please contact
  • Q.   The RFP submission form keeps coming up with errors. What am I doing wrong?
    A.   Correct the errors. If you cannot find a reason for the errors, or if you believe the error message itself to be in error, please contact the
  • Q.   My browser doesn't support forms. Is there another way I can post an RFP on your list?
    A.   RFPs cannot be posted without a forms-capable browser. You will need to upgrade your browser in order to post RFPs.
  • Q.   Should I save a copy of my submission?
    A.   Yes. It would be a very good idea to save a copy of your RFP submission. If it becomes necessary to resubmit for whatever reason, you can use your copy as a template.
  • Q.   Will my RFP only be e-mailed to prospects?
    A.   By posting to the RFP Service, you are allowing the HWG to e-mail your RFP to our members, store it in archive of active RFPs for a period of time, and store it in our archive of expired RFPs (e-mail address, fax #, and postal mail address will not be shown in the expired archives). However, you will retain full copyright through this entire process.
  • Q.   Will my RFP be excluded if it is for a fringe type of site (x-rated, hate group, religious cult, etc.)?
    A.   No RFP will be rejected because of the content of the related site. However, due to the fact that these RFPs may be viewed by minors and sensitive individuals we ask that you use your best judgement in refraining from including actual pornography, hate speech, religious persuasion, etc. in the body of your RFP. If, in our best judgement, we find an RFP to contain objectional material of this nature, we will reject that RFP and suggest revisions which would bring that RFP within our guidelines.
  • Q.   What if I do not know exactly what the project will entail?
    A.   Say so in the body of your request. It is okay not to know what will be required. If you don't completely know what will be required, maybe the person you contract with does. Be honest.
  • Q.   How will I know if my RFP is accepted or rejected?
    A.   You will receive an acceptance or rejection email as soon as we have moderated your RFP.
  • Q.   Does requesting volunteer proposals violate the price discussion rule?
    A.   No it does not. You may specifically request that all proposals be for volunteer contracts without violating the pricing discussion rule.
  • Q.   What if your RFP posting form does not include the skills I seek?
    A.   Provided your RFP is still for an internet development project, you should mention these additional skills within the 'Body' of your RFP.
  • Q.   Can I request proposals for multiple projects in one RFP?
    A.   You can. However, this is not in your best interest. The more specific your Request for Proposals is, the more likely it is that qualified individuals will locate your RFP while searching our archive of active RFPs.
  • Q.   In my country, we don't have states, provinces or shires in our postal addresses. What should I write in that required field?
    A.   Try and put in some local relevant postal information. If you have absolutely none enter N/A, Not Applicable.

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