Request For Proposals Service 'Searching' FAQs

RFP 'Searching' FAQs

  • Q.   How can I pull up the largest number of RFPs in my query?
    A.   Your best bet would probably be to search only on the date the RFP was posted. Look for RFPs posted between 11/11/1111 and 11/11/2222 or some other dates certain to capture every relevant post.
  • Q.   I left all fields blank when searching, but got no results. Why?
    A.   You must specify a search criteria. Leaving all fields blank will not return all RFPs, as one would expect. A large number of RFPs are returned if the only criteria given is Language; English.
  • Q.   Why did I get few or no results when specifying only one date?
    A.   You must specify both start and end values for any date-related searches. If you write one, only RFPs with that specific date will be returned. To get a current listing specify today's date as the end date.

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