Request For Proposals Service Assorted Other FAQs

Assorted Other FAQs

  • Q.   I don't know the fair market value for my services or for services I am requesting. Where can I find this information?
    A.   You can find information on this at the Guild Rates FAQ.
  • Q.   Can I discuss financial remuneration in my RFP? If not, where can I discuss it?
    A.   You can NOT discuss financial remuneration, pricing, payments or charges. For more information on this topic see the HWG Mailing List Rules, Section 5: Discussing Prices or the Guild Pricing FAQ.
  • Q.   I don't know all the legal information concerning freelancing or hiring someone on a contract basis. Is there an FAQ somewhere that can help me?
    A.   The Chamber of commerce press offers a series of excellent books on these subjects.
  • Q.   I hired an HWG member to do some work for me, I paid them already. But... (substitute your horror story here)... What actions can I take? Don't you screen your members better? Will you stand behind their work?
    A.   Did you ask for references and check them out? Did you make a contract so there was no ambiguity about what was expected? The HWG is not responsible for making any of these assurances for you. Please see the Guild Legal Statement and the RFP Area disclaimer.
  • Q.   I don't want every cyber-geek on the net replying to my RFP. Is there a way to filter out the ones that don't have the qualifications I need?
    A.   The RFP service itself acts as a filter for most of the unqualified. However, you have to follow through by checking references and qualifications.
  • Q.   What guarantees do I have that whoever I contract with through this service will be qualified to perform services I need?
    A.   The same guarantee you would have in any other situation. You ask for references and you check them out. You make a contract so there is no ambiguity about what is expected. The HWG is not responsible for making any of these assurances for you. See also the Legal Statement and the RFP Area disclaimer.
  • Q.   Can I subscribe to receive only certain RFPs via e-mail?
    A.   Not at this time. We plan on developing a skill-based subscription feature in the future.
  • Q.   My RFP expired a day early/late. What happened?
    A.   The RFP Service assumes that all dates are GMT.

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