Sample RFP (19971229-58880-01)

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Contact Information

Rfpid:   19971229-58880-01
E-mail:   just-a-sample@sample.only
Contact:   Justin Example
Company/Org:   The HTML Writers Guild
City:   Samplopolis
State:   XY
Postal Code:  
Nation:   United States

Reply Information

Proposals may be submitted via:  
E-mail: yes
Fax: no
Postal Mail: no
E-mail to:   just-a-sample@sample.only
Fax to:  

Timeline Information

Date after which proposals will no longer be accepted:   11 November 2002
Preferred start date for project:   1 December 2002
Estimated duration of project:   More than 12 months

Language Information

The project requires familiarity with the following languages:

Skill Set Information

The project requires the following skills:
C / C++
NCSA Server

Main Body

The HTML Writer's Guild (HWG) is searching for a devoted individual to create an online 'Request for Proposal' (RFP) system for Web-Related Services. All posting, maintenance, and access to the system will take place via forms on the Web. Approval should be done through online forms on the Web, but we would allow approval through e-mail if that is not possible. This can be discussed in detail, and decided apon at a later date. After approval, the RFPs would then be mailed (via email) to subscribers of a mailing list. Eventually we will want to allow the subscribers to subscribe by telling us what skills they posses, and only send them the RFPs for which they have skills (according to a profile that they set up). Our priority is to have the system operational by the end of April. If need be, the subscription by skills can wait to be implimented until after the opening of the service. After being e-mailed, the RFPs would then be stored in a searchable archive. RFPs should be dated so that the search will only show valid RFPs (we don't want people to get Proposals after the project is completed!).


The HTML Writer's Guild (HWG) is searching for a devoted individual to create an online 'Request for Proposals' (RFP) system for Web-Related Services.


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