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Learning Perl

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Learning Perl, 2nd Edition  
Learning Perl, 2nd Edition

Randal Schwartz , Tom Christiansen , & Steve Talbot

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  Paperback, 2nd ed., 328pp.
ISBN:    1565922840
Publisher:    OReilly &
Pub. Date:    July 1997

"Learning Perl" is ideal for system administrators, programmers, and anyone else wanting a down-to-earth introduction to this useful language. Written by a Perl trainer, its aim is to make a competent, hands-on Perl programmer out of the reader as quickly as possible. The book takes a tutorial approach and includes hundreds of short code examples, along with some lengthy one. 328 pp. Pub: 7/97.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
In this update of a bestseller, two leading Perl trainers teach you to use the most universal scripting language in the age of the World Wide Web. Now current for Perl version 5.004, this hands-on tutorial includes a lengthy new chapter on CGI programming, while touching also on the use of library modules, references, and Perl's object-oriented constructs.

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