This is the htmlized version of the October 1996 Newsletter sent to members on October 8, 1996.

Hello HTML Writers Guild Member! 


1. Why did I get this mail?
2. How do I unsubscribe?
4. How to Enroll in the New HWG Logo Program
5. Establishment of limited Grace Period.
6. New GB member needed. How to nominate someone.

1. Why did I get this mail?

    You received this newsletter because you are a member of the
    HTML Writers Guild. This message came from hwg-news, the Guild's
    mandatory mailing list for all members. If you need more
    information about hwg-news, please see the List Charter at:

2. How do I unsubscribe?

    Information on how to unsubscribe from this newsletter is found
    at the above url. Please remember that if you choose to
    unsubscribe from the hwg-news mailing list (this newsletter) you
    will be resigning your membership in the Guild.


    Comments on this newsletter should be sent to: .
    The HWG-News Mailing List is a "Read-Only" list - please do not
    try to reply to this list - it will bounce.

4. How to Enroll in the New HWG Logo Program

    Point your browser at:

    And follow the instructions on the page. You will be asked to
    read the instructions for use and to complete a form. Upon
    acceptance into the HWG Logo Program, you will receive via E-mail
    a copy of the HWG Logo Kit, which will include the HWG Public
    Logo, and a copy of the current Logo Usage Guidelines. 

5. Establishment of limited Grace Period.

Removal of Outdated Logos 

    Members currently using a non-approved or an outdated logo are
    required to remove these images from any websites that they may
    have them residing on. 

Grace Period

    A "grace period" of 14 days starting from the the release date
    of the new logo and implementation of the Guidelines to allow
    members to remove the old logo from any sites that they may have
    it on and replace it with the new logo and recommended text if

    The official release date for the new Logo will be five (5) days
    following the posting of the announcement on hwg-news. 

    Anyone wishing to use the new HWG Public Logo must enroll in the
    HWG Logo Program. 


    After expiration of the "grace period" any member using outdated
    or unapproved HWG logos will receive a formal written request to
    remove the non-compliant logo in and informed of the steps
    necessary to participate in the HWG Logo Program. They will be
    given a specific time period to comply with this request. At the
    end of the time period, if they have not complied they will be
    removed from the Guild. 

6. New GB member needed. 

    The GB (Governing Board) is in need of a new member, as per our
    bylaws. Two GB members - Heath Rezabek and Roxanne Reid-Bennett -
    whose terms expired on October 1, 1996 - have decided to remain
    on the GB for another term and have been reappointed by the GB.
    For more information on the HWG Bylaws and the GB - please see:

GB Membership Requirements

You must: 

    1. Have been a member for a year 
    2. Currently be a member in good standing (meaning you haven't
    been banned from participating in current Guild activities at any

    You may nominate yourself, or another member via the form at:

    Or you may send email directly to HWG President Bill Spurlock
     Nominees will be contacted by Bill to
    verify their interest and provide the GB some information for
    evaluating candidates. 

    The nomination period will be from October 3rd - 9th 11:59 EST

    Verification period will run from October 3rd - 14th 11:59 EST

    Discussion amongst the GB will run from October 15th - 21th
    11:59 EST

    Voting will run from October 22nd - 28th 

    The job description varies from time to time and each individual
    ends up contributing different things and different amounts of
    time to the GB.  We are in transition of trying to come up with a
    way to fund this organization such that we can maintain our
    current services and begin to expand into better organized and
    better supported services in the future. 

    If you have a desire to see HWG expand and continue to grow as
    the best resource for web authors on the 'net - then think about
    contributing at the highest level by helping to set policy and

Copyright 1996 HTML Writers Guild

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