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The Web Developer's Journal & NCT Web Magazine
Description: Tutorials, Product Reviews, Mailing List, Free Software Downloads, etc.
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:47:59
Description: A lot of 'Weird Stuff'.
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:48:20
Description: Registering for our site is free! When you join now, you'll enjoy these great benefits...
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:48:52
Magazines For and About Computers and the Internet
Description: Over 350 Magazine Listings!
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:49:26
Top 100 Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals
Description: Includes: * MIPS - Most Interesting Page of Site.
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:49:51
ABILITY - Magazines
Description: A huge list of OnLine Magazines.
Last checked: 4/1/1999 18:50:55

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