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Intro to 3D Graphics

Students interested in learning methods and techniques involved with the designing and construction of 3D related objects that are suited for games, movies, and or TV broadcast will find this course of value. Students will learn fundamental and beginner knowledge that is essential for further exploration of 3D graphics. After completing this course, students will have a basic knowledge set of a high-end, industrial strength 3D graphics package (GMAX.) Students should be able to begin developing their own 3D content using the tools learned, techniques studied, and most importantly, their own creativity. This level I course will cover topics such as GMAX user interface, 3D concepts and terminology, 3D modeling techniques, lights and camera work, materials and textures, some basic animation, and project/scene management. Students will have challenging but rewarding weekly reading, as well as tutorials and example training.
Week 1: Getting Started with 3D
  • What is GMAX?
  • Project workflow: basic components of setting up a standard 3D scene
  • Viewing and working in 3D sp