RFP Chat Log for 3/29/97

This is a chat log for March 29th, 1997 between (primarily) J Coquette Owen, Matthew Wickline and Damon Zirkler.

We just thought you guys may wish to see more of what Coquette was like. This was pretty fun! We sure do miss you, Coquette.

2:00:41 PM Meatball ( has joined.
2:00:46 PM <Meatball> howdy
2:00:48 PM <wickline> g'morn!
2:00:54 PM <Meatball> i'll rb
2:02:49 PM <wickline> pillow-lust satisfied for a good 18 hours or so?
2:03:08 PM J ( has joined.
2:03:17 PM <wickline> how's it goin?
2:03:18 PM <J> OLLA Guys!!!
2:03:29 PM <wickline> (Damon is away 4the moment)
2:03:37 PM <J> Ok
2:03:43 PM <J> So how are you today??
2:03:49 PM <wickline> Just dandy!
2:03:52 PM <wickline> and you?
2:04:01 PM <J> Cool - happy Aniversay!!! :-)
2:04:10 PM <wickline> :) thanx! :)
2:04:29 PM <wickline> I made Laura a big old breakfast this morn' now she's napping it off... ;)
2:04:43 PM <wickline> (we eat breakfast late...)
2:04:48 PM <J> hehehehehe - how sweet*G*
2:05:11 PM <Meatball> had to get ICQ up.
2:05:19 PM <wickline> Wow! dual chat!
2:05:34 PM <Meatball> no... i had to get it up so if denise comes on she can find me.
2:05:42 PM <J> Hear you come online damon
2:05:45 PM <Meatball> happy anniversary... (i second that.)
2:05:49 PM <wickline> I sent her the hwg channel info too...
2:05:50 PM <Meatball> hehehehehehe...
2:05:53 PM <wickline> thanks!
2:05:53 PM <J> Your really missing out here Matt!! ;~}
2:05:56 PM <Meatball> who?
2:06:20 PM <wickline> yeah, one of the few probs with a mac... (I sent hwg channel info to Denise)
2:06:30 PM <J> cool
2:06:34 PM <wickline> she sent us a happy A-day card! (e-card)
2:06:45 PM <wickline> wanna see it?
2:07:06 PM <J> How do you do that - e-card thing
2:07:06 PM <Meatball> oh yeah... that's right... no she told me she was gonna do it...
2:07:28 PM wickline rummages for a couple e-card urls
2:07:43 PM <Meatball> ok, how do you do htat?
2:07:45 PM <Meatball> i'm very new to irc...
2:07:51 PM <J> *wild applause*
2:08:41 PM <J> Ok so how do you make this thing do purple action text?
2:08:42 PM <Meatball> that's what i want to know.
2:09:18 PM <Meatball> only for me its this kewl blue-green color
2:09:27 PM <J> there must be a preference setting around here somewhere.
2:09:40 PM <wickline> oh... sorry, I had my head in my bookmarks...
2:09:44 PM <Meatball> somewhere... but how do you do those matt?
2:09:48 PM <J> OUCH!! *G*
2:09:49 PM <wickline> type this me/ does blah
2:10:12 PM <Meatball> me/ kicking matt
2:10:13 PM <J> me/ hugs everyone in room
2:10:14 PM <Meatball> no.
2:10:18 PM <Meatball> not really matt.
2:10:21 PM <J> no that didn't work
2:10:23 PM wickline tests syntax
2:10:33 PM <wickline> hmmmm maybe your client doesn't do it?
2:10:37 PM Meatball hug everyone
2:10:38 PM <Meatball> aaah
2:10:43 PM <Meatball> coquete reverse the / and the me
2:10:46 PM <Meatball> he typed it wrong
2:10:46 PM <wickline> yippee!
2:10:49 PM <J> OK how'd you do it meatball
2:10:57 PM <Meatball> type /me hug
2:11:02 PM <J> ok
2:11:02 PM <wickline> ah... yup I did oops!
2:11:04 PM Meatball hug
2:11:10 PM J hug
2:11:12 PM wickline /me
2:11:15 PM <Meatball> hehehehehehe
2:11:20 PM <J> hehehehehe
2:11:23 PM wickline hehe
2:11:31 PM wickline ;)
2:11:41 PM <Meatball> kewl.
2:11:52 PM <wickline> here's the e-card servise Denise used:
2:11:53 PM <wickline>
2:11:56 PM <Meatball> you know what? i'm not really supposed to be doing this.
2:12:03 PM <wickline> hows that?
2:12:30 PM <J> thanks cool
2:12:38 PM <J> what?
2:12:39 PM <Meatball> we're not supposed to be on irc in the lab...
2:12:47 PM <J> hehehe
2:12:47 PM <Meatball> hey matt... what's the code # for the card?
2:12:50 PM <wickline> ah.... a lab.. hehehe
2:12:51 PM <J> you are at work??
2:12:56 PM <Meatball> i'm at school.
2:13:04 PM <wickline> lemme go look in my mail for that number.... brb
2:13:08 PM <Meatball> ricky decided not to go do what he was gonna do and he is still sleeping
2:17:11 PM <Meatball> i like this program...
2:17:11 PM <J> so your being quiet?
2:17:11 PM <Meatball> no... i'm at school so i dont have to deal with it.
2:17:11 PM <J> I like it when you have someone to talk to and that doesn't know all hte little tricks yet *G*
2:17:11 PM <Meatball> yeah like me!
2:17:11 PM <J> hehehehehehe
2:17:12 PM <Meatball> but i still like icq better b/c there are no little tricks.
2:17:12 PM J slaps Meatball around a bit with a large trout
2:17:12 PM <J> hehehe
2:17:12 PM <Meatball> heehhehehehe
2:17:12 PM <J> lightly
2:17:12 PM <J> had to figure out to do that again
2:17:12 PM Meatball gives JC a big ole kiss (on the cheek of course)
2:17:12 PM <J> you highlight the user in the window and left click and it gives you a 'slap' option
2:17:12 PM <Meatball> really
2:17:13 PM J blushes
2:17:13 PM <Meatball> {{{{{{{ wickline }}}}}}}
2:17:13 PM <J> really
2:17:13 PM <Meatball> aaa!
2:17:13 PM <Meatball> Meatball slams a 60 lb unix manual on wickline 's head. That gotta hurt... but then again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
2:17:13 PM <Meatball> hehehehehehe.
2:17:13 PM <J> hehehehehe
2:17:13 PM CTCP USERINFO replied to Meatball
2:17:13 PM <Meatball> that was kewl.
2:17:13 PM <J> hwat what??
2:17:14 PM <Meatball> i can hug or slam someone!
2:17:14 PM <Meatball> just by clicking!
2:17:14 PM <J> yep!
2:17:14 PM <Meatball> Meatball slams a 60 lb unix manual on wickline 's head. That gotta hurt... but then again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
2:17:14 PM <J> on what?
2:17:14 PM <Meatball> huh?
2:17:15 PM <J> what'd you click on to do that/
2:17:27 PM <Meatball> what program are you using?
2:17:30 PM <Meatball> i'm using Pirch
2:17:35 PM <J> Mirc32
2:17:45 PM <Meatball> i just right click the name and it brings up a list of thigns to do... two are Hugs and Slam!
2:17:48 PM <Meatball> aaaaah
2:17:54 PM <Meatball> i like this program a lot
2:17:57 PM <Meatball> it's very nice.
2:18:07 PM <wickline> sorry... phone call... then number was 95828610
2:18:16 PM <Meatball> i've tried other IRC programs and never had enought time to figure them out.
2:18:22 PM <Meatball> but this took no time to figure out!
2:18:28 PM <J> what version IRC you got on that machine?
2:18:50 PM <Meatball> phone call? tht's a crazy number.
2:19:05 PM wickline has MacIRCPPC
2:19:17 PM <Meatball> oh yeah, a mac...
2:19:34 PM <wickline> I mean "I took so long 'cause of a phone call" and "the card number was 95828610" :)
2:19:38 PM <J> HUH?
2:19:43 PM <Meatball> oh wait.
2:19:46 PM <Meatball> the card nubmer
2:19:47 PM <J> hehehehe
2:19:52 PM <Meatball> hehehehe i thought you meant the phone nubmer
2:20:10 PM <J> I meant the MacIRCPPC
2:20:14 PM <wickline> that was like dozens of seconds ago in conversation... I can see why you'd forget ;)
2:20:27 PM <J> hehehehe
2:20:33 PM <wickline> Oh, it's a macintosh power pc irc application
2:20:47 PM <J> Kewl
2:20:53 PM <Meatball> kewl!!!
2:20:54 PM <wickline> works 4 me! :)
2:21:01 PM <Meatball> the card i meant..
2:21:17 PM <wickline> yeah, amazing how many flowers you can fit in an electronic envelope!
2:21:28 PM <wickline> ...sigh... modern technology... :)
2:21:36 PM <Meatball> yeah isn't it though?
2:21:47 PM <J> It's made the cost of flowers cheaper.
2:21:52 PM <wickline> quite!
2:22:02 PM <Meatball> oh yes.
2:22:13 PM <Meatball> i can now send flowers to her every day and not go broke!
2:22:32 PM <Meatball> matt: i did get your email about hte story, but i haven't gotten to it yet.
2:22:33 PM J wild applause
2:22:41 PM <wickline> Damon, you being in a lab reminds me of when my friend Kristin and I used to go in different labs, and then UNIX 'talk' trying to make the other person laugh first :)
2:22:43 PM <Meatball> coquette, why do you keep coming and going in icq?
2:22:53 PM <wickline> gotcha
2:23:13 PM <J> guru is trying to make the lap top do things that win gate doesn't like
2:23:18 PM <wickline> Coquette: think we could make Damon laugh? should we try?
2:23:25 PM <Meatball> aaaahhhh
2:23:31 PM <Meatball> it would be easy to make me laugh!
2:23:35 PM <Meatball> i do it all the time!
2:23:37 PM <J> most deffinitely a great idea
2:23:46 PM wickline tickles damon...
2:24:00 PM <Meatball> hte boys who work here know me, b/c it will be like 3 am, and i'll just bust up laughing at one of your guy's messages!
2:24:07 PM Meatball refuses to laugh.
2:24:27 PM J tickles damon
2:24:30 PM <Meatball> ICQ is giving me a very hard time today.
2:24:35 PM Meatball still will not laugh
2:24:40 PM wickline brings out the big down pillows and opens one up with a knife... "ammo!"
2:24:43 PM <J> it does have it's moments *G*
2:25:07 PM <Meatball> it will not start up the client/client chat thing...
2:25:18 PM J grabs a handfull of fluff and tosses it at damon
2:25:30 PM <Meatball> PILLOWFIGHT!!!!
2:26:06 PM <wickline> has a chat app I just installed but haven't tried yet...
2:26:18 PM J throws pillow at wickline
2:26:20 PM <wickline> It's got little avatar/icons!
2:26:37 PM wickline takes the cut-open pillow and starts swining at all parties!
2:26:45 PM <Meatball> god i love thiese computers!
2:26:46 PM <wickline> take that!
2:27:00 PM <Meatball> i downloaded this Pirch program (1+MB) in ike 20 secs!!!!
2:27:04 PM J ducks
2:27:07 PM wickline swings again!
2:27:08 PM <wickline> and that!
2:27:14 PM <J> kewl!!
2:27:24 PM Meatball runs and hides
2:27:25 PM <wickline> gotta love those campus connection speeds
2:27:33 PM <wickline> "after him!"
2:27:35 PM <Meatball> it is great.
2:27:39 PM <Meatball> uh oh.
2:27:50 PM J pounces on damon - he over here matt!!
2:27:51 PM Meatball thinks he's safe hiding where he is.
2:27:54 PM <Meatball> aaack!
2:28:01 PM wickline runs over...
2:28:18 PM <wickline> ack! all my featers have fallen out!
2:28:24 PM J grabs damons ankles and starts to pull
2:28:29 PM wickline grabs another pillow
2:28:40 PM <J> we got him now
2:28:46 PM <wickline> swing!
2:28:48 PM Meatball starts to cry
2:29:03 PM <wickline> Aw... here, take this pillow...
2:29:09 PM wickline hands big fluffy over
2:29:12 PM J hugs damon
2:29:15 PM <J> I'm sorry
2:29:20 PM <Meatball> thanks guys
2:29:22 PM <Meatball> i'll brb
2:29:26 PM <J> ok
2:29:28 PM <wickline> :)
2:29:41 PM <wickline> whew! worked up a sweat there!
2:29:51 PM <J> hehehe and a good laugh too!
2:29:59 PM <wickline> :^D
2:30:30 PM wickline takes a few deep breaths...
2:30:33 PM <J> currently in awe - seems guru figured out how to get wingate to do muti online stuff
2:30:40 PM <wickline> wow!
2:31:14 PM <J> yeah - he's online to my directory on our ISP server while chatting here - with one modem
2:31:37 PM <J> that would be me doing hte chatting on a different puter
2:31:39 PM <wickline> does that mean you've got one computer with multiple PPP connections, or is all this through one PPP?
2:32:06 PM J hands matt a glass of ice water
2:32:12 PM <wickline> thanks!
2:32:48 PM <wickline> yikes! I hope I don't have to clean up all these feathers...
2:32:49 PM <J> One PPP
2:32:54 PM <wickline> maybe the hwgbot will do it...
2:33:09 PM J asks bot to clean up the feathers
2:33:25 PM <wickline> "pretty please, bot?"
2:33:36 PM <Meatball> I'll be back in a minute.
2:33:36 PM Meatball ( has signed off (Read error to Meatball[]: EOF from client)
2:34:04 PM <J> bot doesn't seem to be doing much
2:34:07 PM <wickline> whoops, maybe timed out by client? or maybe an evil lab monitor got im?
2:34:36 PM wickline grudgingly starts pushing feathers into piles with his foot...
2:34:37 PM <J> he said he'd be back -think he knew something was coming to get him
2:34:54 PM J grabs a leaf blower
2:35:05 PM <wickline> hey! that oughta be fun! blizzard time!
2:35:40 PM J turns on leave blower
2:35:50 PM <wickline> If I cut open the other pillows, Damon will never find us when he gets back...
2:36:00 PM wickline cuts maddly
2:36:02 PM <J> AKKK! where are you !!!
2:36:08 PM <wickline> what?
2:36:20 PM <J> cant see you through the feathers
2:36:26 PM <wickline> unreal!
2:36:43 PM <J> hehehe
2:36:50 PM wickline sneaks up and thumps J with a pillow
2:36:53 PM <wickline> thwack!
2:37:02 PM <J> HEY!
2:37:03 PM <wickline> "run away!"
2:37:17 PM wickline dashes into the blizzard...
2:37:18 PM <J> meatball is back online - he'll be here soon
2:37:30 PM <wickline> (gotcha)
2:37:38 PM J aims the leaf blower at matt
2:37:44 PM <wickline> Ack!
2:37:46 PM <J> AHHHHH!
2:38:08 PM wickline dashes for a particularly dense-looking cloud of feathers...
2:38:24 PM <J> Uh OH - hwg bots got the leaf blowe
2:38:34 PM J wrestles with bot for the blower
2:38:38 PM <wickline> Argh!
2:39:01 PM J dashes for matts thick cloud of feathers
2:39:01 PM <wickline> hmmm... I'm not sure who to help out here... ;)
2:39:06 PM <J> it's out of cotroll!!!
2:39:13 PM <wickline> maybe we'll be safe...
2:39:15 PM Meatball ( has joined.
2:39:20 PM <Meatball> ugh.
2:39:23 PM <Meatball> brb
2:39:27 PM <wickline> Meatball! look out for the mad bot!
2:39:33 PM <J> HELP ME!!
2:39:36 PM <Meatball> where?!
2:39:44 PM <wickline> it's got J's leafblower and is chasing us in this mess of feathers!
2:39:46 PM Meatball runs and hides again!
2:39:51 PM J runs behind meatball
2:39:57 PM wickline looks for J
2:40:02 PM <wickline> where are you?
2:40:18 PM J holds meatball by arms in from of here
2:40:34 PM <J> he did it!!
2:41:01 PM wickline ??? still lost in that particularly dense cloud of feathers ???
2:41:18 PM <wickline> What's going on out there?
2:41:31 PM <J> don't know can't see
2:41:36 PM <Meatball> are there any other little action codes?
2:41:40 PM <wickline> Does meatball have the blower?
2:41:49 PM <J> I haven't found them yet
2:41:59 PM <wickline> all I know is /me /away /nick
2:42:02 PM <J> AHHHHH!!
2:42:10 PM <J> it's behind you matt!
2:42:10 PM <Meatball> and /join
2:42:12 PM <wickline> ah!
2:42:20 PM wickline runs...
2:42:35 PM <wickline> oh yeah, ;) and /join
2:42:45 PM <J> what's /jion
2:43:06 PM <wickline> what's motivating our little bot friend?
2:43:10 PM J yells at meatball
2:43:16 PM <J> do something!!!
2:43:26 PM <wickline> that's how you /join a channell, like /join #hwg
2:43:31 PM Meatball covers his ears to hide the screams of his friends
2:43:31 PM <J> OH
2:44:04 PM <wickline> hmmm.... the /msg hwgbot HELP doesn't list any leafblower-type commands!
2:44:07 PM <J> seems the bot didn't take to being asked to clean up the feathers - didn't understand what feathers were
2:44:13 PM <wickline> we migth have no control...
2:44:34 PM <wickline> (oh, and I guess I know /msg too)
2:44:45 PM <Meatball> ok, i think i'm okay now.
2:44:49 PM <Meatball> i had to reinstall ICQ.
2:45:00 PM <J> what happened?
2:45:15 PM <Meatball> it freaked out on me b/c it was out of disk space!
2:45:27 PM <Meatball> and Poof there went my contact list!
2:45:33 PM <Meatball> then it wouldnt load chat.
2:45:41 PM wickline sneaks up behind bot and flips the blower's off switch
2:45:46 PM <Meatball> and you keep popping in and out.
2:45:51 PM <Meatball> aaaah good work matt
2:45:52 PM <J> yeah? I just a got a bunch of msg from it about you
2:46:04 PM J hugs matt
2:46:11 PM <J> you saved the day - My hero!!
2:46:14 PM <wickline> aw, shucks :)
2:46:20 PM <Meatball> {{{{{{{ wickline }}}}}}}
2:46:37 PM <wickline> I'm bee'in love bombed! :)
2:46:47 PM <Meatball> heheheheh... dont complain.
2:46:52 PM <J> I keep getting user online msg's for you damon -
2:46:55 PM <wickline> I'm not! ;)
2:47:05 PM <Meatball> i was coming and going like the dickens!
2:47:06 PM <J> LOL
2:47:08 PM <Meatball> just like you!
2:47:51 PM <Meatball> guys i'll be back in a few... i'm gonna go read my mail.
2:48:01 PM <wickline> gotcha!
2:48:10 PM <J> So have we arrived at any resolution about he rfp search and future search
2:48:24 PM <wickline> latitude longitude stuff, you mean?
2:48:29 PM <J> he doesn't sit very well does he *G*
2:48:34 PM <J> yeah
2:49:07 PM <wickline> (nope ;) I sent a mail a couple hours back... should I re-say, or can you check mail readilly from where you are?
2:49:22 PM <J> I'll check my mail
2:49:23 PM <J> brb
2:49:42 PM <wickline> What the heck, I'll check mine too!
2:50:45 PM <J> didn't have NN up - still perculating.....
2:51:00 PM <wickline> nothing interesting in my INBOX yet...
2:51:22 PM <wickline> I got your message about changing your mailto:... will do soon...
2:51:35 PM <J> mies downloading now - seens ther are 14 - lite day! *G*
2:51:48 PM <wickline> must be 'cause it's a weekend :)
2:52:50 PM <wickline> I also noticed today that I had an old URL for the lg-sop ...
2:52:53 PM <J> sorry bout the cap!!! *blush*
2:52:58 PM <wickline> no prob :)
2:53:19 PM <wickline> ... wan't _really_ all-caps.... 'icq' was lower case!
2:53:42 PM <wickline> and so wuz the i in i'VE
2:54:22 PM <J> damons ICQ doesn't seem to be working properly
2:54:36 PM <wickline> hmmm... mine either ;)
2:54:39 PM <J> I had acciently hit the cap lock
2:54:47 PM <wickline> (of course I don't have one...)
2:55:09 PM <J> a cap lock?
2:55:16 PM <wickline> an icq
2:55:31 PM <wickline> wouldn't mind if I had no cap lock... don't really use it...
2:55:40 PM <J> I think they are working n developing one for MAC shouldn't be too long
2:56:04 PM <wickline> At Damon's recomendation, I have signed up to be notified when that happens...
2:56:04 PM <J> I use cap lock sometimes when I 'm codeing just to frustrate myself *G*
2:56:16 PM <J> KEWL!!
2:56:18 PM wickline chuckles
2:56:27 PM <J> it is a very nice little bit of a program
2:56:40 PM <J> It's a nice little online spy too
2:56:49 PM <wickline> Generally a bit more stable than this afternoon...? ;)
2:56:51 PM <J> tells you when another user is online *G*
2:57:25 PM <wickline> My best friend James and I sometimes play a game which works simmilarly...
2:57:31 PM <Meatball> usually its a lot more stable than today! I am hitting my max drivespace and it doesnt like that... most programs dont
2:57:34 PM <J> it's got a few minor bugs, but what impressed me was that it sets up tp work through firewalls and with wingate and the such
2:58:02 PM Meatball grabs J.
2:58:07 PM <wickline> ... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for taht message..
2:58:08 PM Meatball shakes J like crazy.
2:58:16 PM Meatball wants to know what the J stands for.
2:58:20 PM <wickline> :)
2:58:23 PM J tickles meatball
2:58:29 PM <wickline> I thought it was 'just'...
2:58:31 PM Meatball laughs like crazy
2:58:36 PM <Meatball> ugh.
2:58:37 PM <J> LOL
2:58:57 PM <J> Just or Jenious - depends n what day
2:59:09 PM <wickline> that French?
2:59:23 PM <Meatball> hehehehee french.
2:59:25 PM <J> hehehe - that's just for genious
2:59:37 PM <wickline> oh yeah... :)
2:59:55 PM <wickline> sometime I don't read as well as I hear...
3:00:07 PM <J> HMMM
3:00:31 PM J turns up the volume on IRC
3:00:43 PM <J> can you here now matt?
3:00:44 PM <wickline> J: didja catch the mail on the latitude/longitude thing?
3:00:51 PM <J> Yep
3:00:55 PM <wickline> ah... yes. thanks :)
3:01:11 PM <J> still perculating it a bit - I have a bunch of p[ossibilites running through my head
3:01:26 PM <wickline> I have the vuage impression that the DB behind all those map services is really really involved...
3:01:37 PM <Meatball> you know... kynn really does not like -ops does he?
3:01:42 PM <J> Me to
3:01:44 PM <wickline> to have maps at that level of detail for as many places... yikes!
3:01:54 PM <J> No he doesn't *G*
3:02:29 PM <wickline> I think he thinks that it has outlived it's usefullness, and needs a bit of an overhaul, or we need a new forum to take up it's old purposes
3:02:32 PM <Meatball> boy oh... as far as the maps go... that one that i commented on... well one of those... i really liked...
3:02:38 PM <Meatball> yeah.
3:02:45 PM <Meatball> but he is so opinionated about it...
3:03:24 PM <J> I was thinking if we did a data bse of major cities we might be able to do a top to bottom serch from there
3:03:38 PM <wickline> 'top to bottom'?
3:03:39 PM <J> I think he may be right - he has a point :Kynn that is.
3:04:28 PM <J> start at the nation level and go down depending on the users search perameters
3:04:32 PM <Meatball> alright JC: I have now set you to not tellme when you log into ICQ!!!!
3:04:51 PM J slaps hwgbot around a bit with a large trout
3:04:52 PM <wickline> gotcha...
3:04:55 PM <Meatball> yeah he does... but i think he may be getting himself in trouble here w/ all that.
3:05:24 PM <J> He's better than some of the other opinionated individuals
3:05:42 PM <Meatball> oh yes, much better!!!
3:06:19 PM <J> I spend alot of time on the 'delete' button after reading the subject line
3:06:27 PM J slaps Meatball around a bit with a large trout
3:06:35 PM <Meatball> Meatball slams a 60 lb unix manual on J 's head. That gotta hurt... but then again... where there's no sense... there's no feeling!
3:06:39 PM <J> stop with that ICQ thing it's driving me nuts
3:06:46 PM <Meatball> me? what?
3:06:50 PM <Meatball> i'm not doing anything!
3:06:50 PM <wickline> I think that the delete has got to be the most-used key on my board!
3:06:57 PM <Meatball> backspace is mine!
3:07:04 PM <Meatball> that and the H and E
3:07:12 PM <wickline> hehe
3:07:14 PM <J> every few minutes I get a user is online message and it temporaily times out everything else
3:07:30 PM <Meatball> i kept getting the same from you... set the online alert to off
3:07:33 PM <wickline> I _know_ I'm not doing it!
3:07:47 PM <Meatball> their server must be hiccuping a lot today
3:08:00 PM <J> Ok I made it go to "away"
3:08:03 PM <Meatball> that's one of hte problems w/ beta programs
3:08:10 PM <Meatball> oh.
3:08:11 PM <Meatball> ok
3:08:13 PM <J> YEP
3:08:24 PM <J> ever used POWOW?
3:08:27 PM <Meatball> in other news: i gave up on communicator and d/l'ed navigator for my roommate.
3:08:28 PM <Meatball> no
3:08:33 PM <wickline> nope
3:08:44 PM <J> NO
3:08:53 PM <wickline> I gave up betas for lint ;)
3:09:07 PM <wickline> lent?
3:09:09 PM <J> well there's a chat program that is deffinitely a good program for conferencing and stuff
3:09:20 PM <wickline> (howdya spell that anyways?)
3:09:31 PM <J> web lint
3:09:55 PM <Meatball> heheheheh... lent.
3:09:59 PM <J> validator keeps asking if I want some for my pages and I keep saying no *G*
3:10:02 PM <Meatball> only have one day left though!
3:10:10 PM <wickline> one day?
3:10:15 PM <Meatball> of lent
3:10:15 PM <J> of lent
3:10:16 PM <wickline> oh, yeah!
3:10:19 PM phantasm ( has joined.
3:10:19 PM <Meatball> hehehehe.
3:10:22 PM phantasm ( has left.
3:10:24 PM <Meatball> ho
3:10:26 PM <J> who???
3:10:30 PM <wickline> greets pahntasmal creature!
3:10:31 PM <Meatball> i meant to say howdy but he's gone!
3:10:47 PM <J> guess he didn't like all the feathers
3:10:47 PM wickline is just too slow to greet that one!
3:10:52 PM <wickline> heheh
3:10:53 PM <Meatball> yeah i guess so.
3:11:03 PM <Meatball> i thought you had fingers like lightning!
3:11:10 PM <wickline> d'ya think CStar would clean it up for us?
3:11:23 PM wickline walks over to CStar
3:11:27 PM <Meatball> ok, 'splain those bots to me.
3:11:30 PM <J> don't do it matt!
3:11:36 PM <Meatball> matt... be careful
3:11:39 PM Meatball hides again
3:11:51 PM <wickline> ok ok I guess we had enough trouble for now.. ;)
3:11:53 PM J hides behind meatball
3:12:06 PM <Meatball> dont worry, i'll protect you, my dear!!!!
3:12:15 PM Meatball laughs uncontrollably
3:12:18 PM <wickline> the bots do neat stuff.... Mike D. showed me how to use 'em
3:12:27 PM <J> LOL!!
3:12:29 PM <Meatball> ok, so what do they do?
3:12:32 PM <wickline> type /msg hwgbot
3:12:38 PM <Meatball> (generally)
3:12:52 PM <wickline> they can announce you when you log onto the channell
3:13:01 PM <wickline> they can store messages for you while you're away
3:13:08 PM <wickline> and tell you when you next come to #hwg
3:13:33 PM <wickline> If you're a big-wig, the CStar bot will let you ban people from the channell
3:13:37 PM <J> and they can kick you out
3:13:40 PM <wickline> ...stuff like that...
3:13:42 PM <Meatball> really?
3:13:43 PM <Meatball> kewl
3:13:50 PM <Meatball> there was a lot of stuff on ops today!
3:14:04 PM <Meatball> matt: what did you think of the promo stuff?
3:14:05 PM <wickline> go copy about 50 lines of text and CStar will boot you if you paste into #hwg...
3:14:07 PM <wickline> wanna see?
3:14:14 PM <J> last week the bot kicked matt for putting a bunch of tables - aka ansii on the irc
3:14:21 PM <Meatball> hehehehe.
3:14:32 PM <Meatball> what does hwgbot do?
3:14:49 PM <wickline> HWG Business Digest Friday, March 28 1997 Volume 02 : Number 011
3:14:50 PM (sniped excess flood by wickline)
3:14:58 PM <J> the promo stuff damon did?
3:15:00 PM ( has signed off (Excess Flood)
3:15:08 PM wickline ( has joined.
3:15:09 PM <J> bot kicked matt
3:15:10 PM <hwgbot> [wickline] manager HWG RFP AMT, astmgr web team :)
3:15:11 PM <wickline> and I'm back!
3:15:15 PM <J> hehehehehe
3:15:27 PM <J> and you want it to clean up the feathers?
3:15:28 PM <wickline> miss anything?
3:15:30 PM <Meatball> hey it said who you were when you came in!
3:15:34 PM <wickline> *bluxh*
3:15:54 PM <wickline> one of the neat things hwg bot does...
3:16:02 PM <Meatball> kewl
3:16:13 PM <wickline> I saw it announce Mike D. and asked him about it...
3:16:17 PM <J> so matt you asked about hte promo stuff----
3:16:20 PM <Meatball> aaaah.
3:16:26 PM <Meatball> i asked about the promo stuff.
3:16:31 PM <J> how do you get it to announce you?
3:16:36 PM <Meatball> yeah
3:16:37 PM <Meatball> how?
3:16:39 PM wickline just cluttered up the screen with junk
3:16:49 PM <J> Oh - it's all those M names -I get lost sometimes
3:16:50 PM <wickline> um...
3:17:03 PM <Meatball> hahaahah.
3:17:03 PM <wickline> I'll have to check the commands again... brb
3:17:06 PM <Meatball> think of me as D
3:17:19 PM <Meatball> even if i am a M
3:17:25 PM <J> hehehe then we can be DJ
3:17:32 PM <Meatball> heheheheehe
3:17:35 PM <Meatball> brb
3:17:38 PM <J> ok
3:18:02 PM <wickline> I'm still flipping though some hwgbot commands...
3:18:07 PM <J> ok
3:19:07 PM <Meatball> check this out:
3:19:17 PM <Meatball> wait a minute
3:19:37 PM <Meatball> ok, try again
3:19:48 PM <J> brb
3:19:58 PM <Meatball> k
3:20:14 PM <wickline> here's how you get it to announce you...
3:20:22 PM <Meatball> ok
3:20:29 PM <wickline> you type /msg hwgbot info blahblahblahblah
3:20:42 PM <wickline> where blah etc. is your announcement msg
3:21:41 PM Meatball ( has left.
3:21:41 PM Meatball ( has joined.
3:21:48 PM <Meatball> did it do it?
3:21:49 PM <wickline> hmmm... nothin...
3:22:01 PM <wickline> maybe you have to do the password command first...
3:22:04 PM <Meatball> maybe /msg @hwgbot?
3:22:26 PM <Meatball> hmmm.
3:22:27 PM <wickline> did hwgbot respond to your last command?
3:22:34 PM <Meatball> i got an error.
3:22:39 PM <Meatball> the one i just sent?
3:22:42 PM J ( has signed off (Leaving)
3:22:48 PM <wickline> uh... bye?
3:22:50 PM <wickline> :)
3:22:59 PM J ( has joined.
3:23:01 PM <Meatball> hmmm
3:23:18 PM <J> I don't think it worked
3:23:20 PM <wickline> wow! connections here are getting as flighty as on icq... ;)
3:23:21 PM <Meatball> matt, you are leading us astray.
3:23:27 PM <wickline> maybe...
3:23:30 PM <Meatball> no... we're testing the thingy.
3:23:31 PM <J> hehehehe
3:23:45 PM <wickline> try setting your password first... lemme go look up that syntax...
3:23:45 PM <J> that's why we have Mike *G*
3:24:36 PM <Meatball> really... mike where are you?
3:25:22 PM <wickline> try /msg hwgbot pass (enter your password here, just make one up)
3:25:32 PM <J> wow that was interesting
3:25:33 PM <wickline> then after you have a password, maybe the other command will work?
3:25:42 PM <J> he's not here
3:25:59 PM <Meatball> who's not? mike, i know that...
3:26:04 PM <Meatball> wish he were though..
3:26:05 PM <Meatball> ok,
3:26:25 PM <J> Yeah - never hear much from heim.
3:26:25 PM <wickline> b4 you two showed, Matt Webster was here with the nick "MattW"
3:26:38 PM <wickline> that woulda been confusing!
3:26:48 PM <J> cool - sorry I missed him :-(
3:27:05 PM <wickline> Mike D. has his hands in many HWG projects now...
3:27:08 PM <Meatball> yeah...
3:27:17 PM <Meatball> would have been kewl to see him
3:27:21 PM <J> like what - besides RFP?
3:27:27 PM <wickline> hmmmm I could phone him...?
3:27:28 PM <Meatball> ok, brb
3:27:29 PM Meatball ( has left.
3:27:33 PM Meatball ( has joined.
3:27:39 PM <Meatball> did it work?
3:27:46 PM <wickline> nope...
3:27:54 PM <Meatball> hmmm
3:28:02 PM <J> well your name is up there with your add thingy
3:28:11 PM <wickline> Mike D is also big in the mailing list program, and is HWG webmaster, and is volunteer on some other teams...
3:28:13 PM <J> I guess not
3:28:13 PM <Meatball> did you guys see my weather report?
3:28:27 PM <J> I have it up - I'll bo look at it brb
3:28:38 PM <Meatball>
3:28:39 PM <wickline> oh.. Oops! lemme go load that URL... I forgot!
3:29:46 PM <J> you do that damon??
3:29:49 PM wind (fridel@ has joined.
3:29:49 PM <Meatball> no... that is just a saved message from my hotmail account
3:29:53 PM <Meatball> hi wind!!!
3:29:53 PM <J> greetings!!
3:29:53 PM wind say hi
3:29:55 PM <wickline> hi wind!
3:30:15 PM wind ask..say does any of you know zamin?
3:30:17 PM <wickline> that weather sure looks nice, meatball, but I feel like I'm reading your mail!
3:30:19 PM <Meatball> nopers
3:30:20 PM <J> not me
3:30:24 PM <wickline> not I....
3:30:27 PM <Meatball> that's jsut a saved message!
3:30:30 PM <wind> o..:(,o.k..thanx any way...
3:30:32 PM <Meatball> it is my mail!
3:30:33 PM <wickline> at least not by that name
3:30:41 PM <J> Me too - thought it was one of email news things *G*
3:30:48 PM <Meatball> it is.
3:30:56 PM <wind> well...byebye
3:30:59 PM wind (fridel@ has left.
3:31:00 PM <Meatball> bye
3:31:06 PM <wickline> dang!
3:31:11 PM <Meatball> dang?
3:31:13 PM <wickline> too slow with my farewell again!
3:31:17 PM <Meatball> hehehehehe
3:31:36 PM <Meatball> me duele mi estomago
3:31:38 PM <J> I get several of htem and am currently trying to work out with an email program to automatically puthem i another directory so I don't hve to skip over them when I'm too impatient to let them load.
3:31:50 PM <Meatball> :)
3:31:54 PM <J> OOPA mised it
3:31:58 PM <Meatball> i have them sent to my hotmail account.
3:32:09 PM <Meatball> mised what?
3:32:14 PM <wickline> my spannish is horid... what's up with your stomach?
3:32:15 PM <J> HMM how does that work?
3:32:21 PM <Meatball> it hurts... 'm hungry
3:32:27 PM <wickline> ah...
3:32:31 PM <Meatball> i have not eaten for 12 hours!
3:32:36 PM <Meatball> oh matt:
3:32:39 PM <J> ARG!!!
3:32:39 PM wickline offers meatball a virtual omlette
3:32:42 PM <Meatball> when does Daylinght saves start?
3:32:48 PM <Meatball> i want pizza: <)
3:32:52 PM <wickline> like 2 or 3 am ;)
3:32:57 PM <Meatball> today?
3:33:00 PM J offers meatball a bowl of leftover spaghetti
3:33:01 PM <wickline> I really don't know what day though...
3:33:07 PM <J> here it's great!!
3:33:09 PM <Meatball> b/c i do not switch.
3:33:17 PM <Meatball> we are always on standard
3:33:22 PM <wickline> oh... wow...
3:33:26 PM <Meatball> it is kewl.
3:33:29 PM <Meatball> but everyone else chagnes!
3:33:38 PM <wickline> that means that all my tz info will be screwed up for you...
3:33:38 PM <J> that's neat!!
3:33:42 PM <Meatball> so we'll be 2 hours different, and i'll be calif time for a while!
3:33:51 PM <Meatball> i'll just use CA time!
3:34:00 PM <wickline> gotcha!
3:34:01 PM <J> Must be nice *G*
3:34:05 PM <Meatball> what's nice?
3:34:11 PM <Meatball> not changin? yeah it's real nice
3:34:27 PM <J> being o CA time
3:34:28 PM <Meatball> we do not like the daylight hours in the summer anyway, we like the cooler night time
3:34:38 PM <wickline> did you guys catch <quote>[DeathStar!DeathStar@StarLink-IRC.Org] if anyone is getting flooded or has unusual activity, pls let us know in #channels</quote>
3:34:40 PM <J> that's understandable
3:34:45 PM <Meatball> yeah i did.
3:34:47 PM <Meatball> what's that mean?
3:34:51 PM <wickline> wonder if that was from my spam?
3:34:57 PM <Meatball> dunno.
3:35:16 PM <J> sounds like a rogue ircer
3:35:24 PM <Meatball> i'll be back in a minute... i gotta get some water...
3:35:33 PM wickline ponders going to #channels and complaining about himself to get himself booted...
3:35:40 PM <Meatball> heheheheeheh
3:35:42 PM <wickline> Water! get food, man!
3:35:52 PM J rolls on floor laughing
3:35:57 PM <J> hehehehe
3:36:09 PM <J> Ok now I'm hungry!
3:36:22 PM <wickline> watch out for the furnature, H ;)
3:36:30 PM <wickline> (while rolling on the floor, that is)
3:36:36 PM <J> hehehe
3:36:50 PM J grabs phone
3:37:01 PM <J> let's call out for pizza!
3:37:05 PM <wickline> should I go on hold here while you guys throw some food together?
3:37:17 PM <wickline> I'm still full from breakfast. :)
3:37:28 PM <wickline> ... it was big...
3:37:30 PM <J> Mmmm
3:37:46 PM <Meatball> i needed water to take a pill
3:37:59 PM <J> actually I need to go to get some actual work done
3:38:02 PM <wickline> a "chill pill" to fight the warm weather?
3:38:09 PM <Meatball> i cannot throw food together here.
3:38:13 PM <J> have all hte notes in progress to finish the button and what not
3:38:16 PM <Meatball> they get upset when the pizza man comes.
3:38:28 PM <Meatball> wanna see my favorite pizza place?
3:38:31 PM <wickline> should we wind to a close?
3:38:35 PM <Meatball>
3:38:38 PM <wickline> sure (bout the pizza place)
3:38:46 PM <J> kewl
3:39:11 PM <Meatball> they have my fav pizza's picture on there!
3:39:26 PM <Meatball> i dont wanna lose my puter.
3:39:30 PM <J> I've got a virtual pizza place around here somewhere - you can order from online - like in the movies!!
3:39:34 PM <Meatball> there are like 20 people in line right now.
3:39:38 PM <Meatball> really?
3:39:47 PM <J> UCK!!
3:39:50 PM <Meatball> i frequently go look at the menu online and call them up.
3:40:02 PM <J> That's cool
3:40:03 PM <Meatball> and i have a great puter right now!
3:40:14 PM <Meatball> the lab is only open till 10 tonight too.
3:40:16 PM <Meatball> ;(
3:40:29 PM <Meatball> i wish this lab was open 24/7
3:40:38 PM <wickline> you mean if you go for food, you'll loose your 'puter?
3:40:40 PM <J> but you have your puter at home...
3:40:43 PM <Meatball> yes.
3:40:51 PM <Meatball> we can only be away from the puters for 15 minutes!
3:41:08 PM <J> and then someone else gets it by default?
3:41:10 PM <wickline> ... torn between food and the internet... what a horrible fate!
3:41:17 PM <Meatball> it is baaaaad!!!!
3:41:21 PM <Meatball> food may win too!
3:41:30 PM <J> hehehe
3:41:30 PM <Meatball> ugh.
3:41:34 PM <Meatball> i hate weekedns at this lab
3:41:40 PM <J> It's gonna win here
3:41:52 PM <Meatball> but you are at home so you can go and have both.
3:41:56 PM <wickline> maybe you could e-mail a roomate to bring food?
3:41:58 PM <J> time for me to zip outa here
3:42:01 PM <Meatball> i wonder if ricky's stillsleeping...
3:42:03 PM <wickline> bye J!
3:42:06 PM <Meatball> no food allowed in the atrium.
3:42:12 PM <Meatball> ok bye j
3:42:16 PM <J> tough stuff
3:42:18 PM <Meatball> we'll catch ya later on icq
3:42:20 PM <J> bye guys
3:42:32 PM <wickline> so even if someone can bring it, you can't unwrap it...?
3:42:34 PM <J> I'll be back online later damon - you can ICQ me
3:42:35 PM <wickline> bye!
3:42:42 PM <Meatball> me too.
3:42:44 PM <Meatball> bye
3:42:45 PM <Meatball> matt:
3:42:56 PM <Meatball> did you look at the promo pages yet?
3:43:01 PM <wickline> yup!
3:43:13 PM J leaves the room - hugs for everyone
3:43:16 PM <Meatball> what do you think?
3:43:18 PM <wickline> I just realized something...
3:43:20 PM Meatball hugs J
3:43:21 PM J ( has signed off (Leaving)

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