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J. Coquette Owen,
for her hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.
J. Coquette Owen

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Beautiful Peace
(A song by The Murmurs)

Fly away, where a new world waits for you
Always look back, though
Not to cry, and not to regret, just to help who's left behind
Help us all to heal and understand
Because, we don't know why you had to leave
I can only guess it was time for you to be free
To ascend to a broader more wonderful life than this
I believe you're in a better place now
A place where only beautiful souls will hold you
Be sure to comfort, and protect your children
They need you now
Stand behind them, rise within them, and love them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here's some words that others wish to say to her or about her:

"I knew Coquette from the frequent, always enthusiastic notes she sent to help make the RFP program something all of us could be proud of. We need more volunteers like her." -- Kynn Bartlett

"Coquette, we all miss you!" -- Matthew Wickline

"I'm going to miss you, but I'll never forget the times we shared. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm throughout. (Hey, while you're at it, take a look at that monster table: it actually validates!)" -- Damon Zirkler

"I didn't know Coquette personally, though from reading her posts to HWG mailing lists, she seemed to be a warm and happy woman who was devoted to her family, loved graphics, and committed to helping build an important program within the Guild. We greatly appreciated her contributions and the time that she shared with us." -- Cindy Svec

"Her 'Just Me' will be greatly missed." -- Jim Lewis

"My heartfelt sympathy goes out to those of you who DID know her... and love her." -- Bonnie Neuroth

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Below are a few samples of things which we found in our email boxes regularly:

Here is a chat log from one of our Wild Saturday Mornings.

Said repeatedly during our Saturday Chats:
   J slaps wickline around a bit with a large trout

This was her latest signature file:

                 Just me!!
           ** **
!Dreamers make the future an exciting place to go!
Member: HTML Writers Guild * **
       **RFP-Team member:-)***:-)***:-)**
helping to build the future,one <tag> at a time!*

This was her original signature file:
Member HTML Writers Guild
accept the unacceptable - change the unchangeable -
eliminate that which does not exist!
**And then put it all in code.**

This is something we saw regularly:   *evil grin*

Right in the middle of an O/S War, she had this to say:
   Now I have to get a MAC so my life will be right :-)

This was her team Introduction:


Greetings fellow RFP team members!!  I am Coquette and am greatly
pleased to a part of the team!! <wild aplause!!>******</wild aplause>

I am as I like to say - "just me".  I have been plugged into the net a
good 4 years now and have since i began been playing with writing HTML.
I have the pleasure at the immediate time to not have to work which
gives me soooo much time to finish all the projects i got started 6
months ago and perhaps get myself on the web before the millinium.  I am
one of 'those' people that get side tracked making my own images and
loose great amounts of time screaming at Corel.
I just relocated from sunny California to Long Island New York (about 6
months ago or so).  Why?  well it's one of those I'm married to a sys
admin and he got one of those can't turn it down sort of job offers
(although at this point i can't seem to remember why it couldn't be
turned down *evil grin*).

I have a great love of web publishing and graphics artistry and am
working on turning a hobby into a lucrative way to pay the bills.
Thanks to the benefit of living with a born to be tech geek i am
surounded by hardware, the computers have more living space than I do,
and have what seems to be an endless supply of book and software - now
if I could just figure out how to import all that into the gray matter
between my ears :-).  At any rate I have loads to learn and am loving
every minute of it.

Since i have a great deal of time on my hands due to a current inability
to work at what I usually do (I've been a Chef for the past 18 years)I
have all this time to dedicate to working with you wonderful people and
hope to learn alot along the way.

Here's looking forward to a great time for one and all!!!

Just me
Member HTML Writers Guild
accept the unacceptable - change the unchangeable -
eliminate that which does not exist!
**And then put it all in code.**

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We'll Miss You, J.
-- RFP-Team

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