Request For Proposals Service 'Replying' FAQs

RFP 'Replying' FAQs

  • Q.   How do I respond to an RFP?
    A.   You can respond to an active RFP by via the e-mail address or postal address in the RFP. Some RFPs will have a Fax # you can send to, also. For an example of a good way to respond, see this message. This is a post to the hwg-business list by Duif Calvin on 20 October, 1996.
  • Q.   I'm not a full member. Can I still post or reply to an RFP?
    A.   Without full membership, you may still post an RFP by using the Public Post Form and using guest as the username and password. However, you will not be able to gather all the information necessary to respond to a current RFP without a full membership or better. Please view the How to Upgrade your membership section of the Membership Profile Management page.
  • Q.   If I can't put a job listing here is there a place where I can post it?
    A.   An area for job listings is being developed. In the meantime, we recommend you follow this procedure.
  • Q.   Is there a listing somewhere of what experience I need in order to respond to an RFP?
    A.   The RFP itself will give most of the information you need to tell if you are qualified. It will include a list of qualifications which you must have in order to respond to the RFP.
  • Q.   What if I have some of the requested qualifications to respond to an RFP but not all?
    A.   You should not respond to an RFP for which you are not fully qualified - unless the RFP states that those with fewer qualifications will be considered.
  • Q.   I'm not a full member. Can I at least read the RFP postings to get an idea of what kind of experience I need?
    A.   An archive of expired RFPs is open to all members to browse. You will not be able to answer expired RFPs as necessary information to reply will NOT be available in expired RFPs
  • Q.   I am not finding any RFPs for work in my city, what can I do?
    A.   Expand your search to include cities around the place you live or wish to work.
  • Q.   I can't seem to access the archive of expired RFPs. What am I doing wrong?
    A.   Be sure you are attempting to access the archive of expired RFPs. Only full members have access to the archive of active RFPs. If you are still having problems, please contact for more help.
  • Q.   Do I send my proposals to you guys?
    A.   No. Each currently active RFP contains contact information. You may send your proposal to the indicated address, e-mail account, or fax number. If contact information is not available, then you are probably viewing an expired RFP.

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