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Introduction to CorelDraw

If you've recently received a copy of CorelDraw bundled with your new system, had it on your desktop forever untouched, or would just like to brush up on some rusty techniques, this class is for you. The course will cover the basics of computer illustration, introduce the student to the tools available in CorelDraw, how to use them, how to work with objects, clip art, text, color, special effects, gradient meshes, masks and blends. Special focus lectures provide in depth studies of the more difficult-to-use tools, and students will receive instruction in basic art principles.
Week 1
  • Understand what digital illustration programs are and what you can do with them.
  • The difference between raster and vector graphics.
  • The difference between setting up for print publication vs. web publication.
  • Create new drawings and open existing drawings.
  • Set up your drawing page.
  • Set up and use the rulers, grids and guidelines.
  • View your work using full screen previews, zooming, etc.
  • Glean information about your document (document info).
  • Set preferences (customizing) for your workspace.
  • Export your file as a raster graphic.
Week 2
  • Understand tools, what they do and how to where to find them in the toolbox.
  • Draw, select, move and manipulate object center points.
  • Draw lines, curves, arcs.
  • Fill and outline objects.
  • Undo work.
  • What a bounding box is and what it does.
Week 3
  • Scale and stretch objects.
  • Rotate and reflect objects.
  • Shear objects.
  • Position objects.
  • Align and distribute objects.
  • Stack or order objects>
  • Nudge objects.
  • Group, ungroup, lock, unlock, combine and break apart objects.
  • Clone, copy or duplicate objects.
Week 4
  • Add, select and manipulate text.
  • Edit and format existing and new text.
  • Fit text to a curve or line.
  • Fittext to a shape.
  • Wrapping text around an object.
  • Insert symbols and special characters.
  • Understand the difference between spacing, kerning and leading and how to apply them to text.
  • Check your spelling.
  • Apply color and special effects to text.
Week 4, Part II
  • Work with color.
  • You will have an understand of the color wheel and aspects of color.
  • How to use the special painting tools.
  • Understand the difference between spot and process color.
  • Set up your drawing for an appropriate printing media.
Week 5
  • Work with clipart.
  • Use 3D to enhance your drawing.
  • Understand perspective and use it.
Week 6
  • Create mesh blends.
  • Create object blends.
  • Create special effects such as twist, zip, bloat, etc.
  • Create and use layers.
  • Create and use transparency and other masks.
Students should be comfortable with basic HTML in order to post their assignments to the web for download and grading.
  • Lessons can be done in either CorelDraw version 9 or 10.
  • Students must have webspace where they can post their assignments, and assignments will need to be posted as a bitmap images and in their native .cdr file format.
  • If you do not have webspace, contact your Internet Service Provider regarding any space that may be included with your dialup account. There are also a number of free services available on the net.
  • Mac users: unfortunately, there are no 3rd party books available specifically for Macintosh users, but if you're familiar with the keyboard platform cross-overs (i.e. Ctrl on PC = Command on Mac) then you may also find the suggested books helpful.
Class Books
No book required
Suggested Book: CorelDraw 10 for Windows [
Suggested Book: CorelDraw 9 for Windows ]
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  • Member Price: $80.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $180.00 US
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This online course is limited to 100 participants. Your place in the course is confirmed by your payment. Introductory online classes are intended for students with no experience in the subject matter and are seeking beginner level training.

Course Refund Policy: All online class fees are only refundable or creditable during the first week of class. A processing fee of five dollars ($5.00) will be charged for each refund request. If you have any questions please email help@eClasses.Org


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  • Member Price: $80.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $180.00 US
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Web Course No: G411

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