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This class is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Adobe GoLive or HTML editing software. The course will introduce the student to the tools available in GoLive, how to use them, how to work with HTML, frames and tables. We will also cover site management and offer an abbreviated look at interactive web design utilizing GoLive's JavaScripting and CSS capabilities. The course is an intensive study course, and will offer an abbreviated view of the product's intermediate capabilities and focus more time on the basics of creating a web site using GoLive 6.0.
Week 1
  • Understand what GoLive is and how it's used.
  • What the palettes, inspectors and workspaces are for and how they're used.
  • How to use the Property Inspector to set object/element properties.
  • Customize your workspace.
  • Work with the various windows in GoLive.
  • Create a local site.
  • Open new files and add content.
  • Add background color.
  • Set page options.
  • Add and format text.
  • Set your markup preferences.
  • Save your work.
  • Preview your work.
Week 2
  • Utilize bitmap images on your page.
  • Use images as backgrounds.
  • Use internal, external and anchor links and linking on your page.
  • Utilize targeting options and understand what targeting does.
  • Create an image map.
Week 3
  • Add tables to your page.
  • Set the table, row, column and cell attributes.
  • Nest a table.
  • Apply other modifications to tables.
  • Create and add forms to your page.
  • Add form objects to your page.
  • Create and add framesets to your page.
  • Add content to frames.
Week 4
  • View and edit source code.
  • Work with the source editor.
  • Set preferences.
  • Use Style Sheets.
  • Creating a style sheet in GoLive.
  • Add JavaScript Coding and swap an image.
  • Preview your page before publishing.
  • Use the site manager to perform a pre-publication link check.
Students must have webspace available to post assignments, and the ability to post their homework in that webspace. Free webspace is available (check www.freewebspace.net or www.brinkster.com). But please avoid utilizing a provider that adds banners to your pages. Check with your ISP for information on what's needed to post files on the web
Adobe GoLive 6.0 installed on your machine. If using the 30 day trial version, do not install the software until the first day of class.
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  • Member Price: $80.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $180.00 US
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This online course is limited to 100 participants. Your place in the course is confirmed by your payment. Introductory online classes are intended for students with no experience in the subject matter and are seeking beginner level training.

Course Refund Policy: All online class fees are only refundable or creditable during the first week of class. A processing fee of five dollars ($5.00) will be charged for each refund request. If you have any questions please email help@eClasses.Org


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  • Member Price: $80.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $180.00 US
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Web Course No: A331
  • Course Instructor: Peggi Rodgers
  • Co-Instructor/TA:
Instructor: Peggi Rodgers
Peggi RodgersFor the past 15 years Peggi has been involved in the field of graphic design; working with print publications, graphic illustration and web design. She is co-owner of a graphic design company specializing in college-level textbook design and illustration.
Holding State and Federal handling licenses, Peggi works with protected and endangered wildlife as well as managing the web presence for the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators and the American Association of Wildlife Vets.

'Difficult program but with the instructor and the book, it was a breeze. Peggi is great.She answered questions promptly and accurately. She really was involved with the course. I hope to take another class with her again.' -- Michael Thornton

'Peggi was the best on response yet! She is straight to the point. I enjoyed the class more than I expected to.' -- Marcy Scire

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