Adobe Flash Level II

Adobe Flash Level II online course
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Adobe Flash Level II

The level II class takes off where the introduction stopped and gets much deeper into flash. It covers content that goes beyond the scope of an introductory level class and that couldn't be covered in depth until now. More advanced concepts appear and open a world of web design possibilities in no time. Lectures, assignments and exercises are all present to ensure a great learning experience for everyone!

Applicable Job Roles: web designers, graphic designers, and webmasters.

Week 1: Advanced Buttons and Sounds
  • Advanced flash tips and strategies
  • Animated buttons
  • Actions to buttons
  • Event handlers
  • Invisible buttons
  • Keyboard input
  • Sound types
  • Sound in frames and buttons
  • Importing sounds
  • Animation/button synch
Week 2: Dot Syntax and Working with Video
  • Understanding Dot syntax
  • Writing with Dot syntax
  • Understanding the Actions panel and its modes
  • Importing and exporting video
  • Simulating Video
  • Simulating 3D
Week 3: Drop-Down Menus and Controlling Multiple Timelines
  • Create a Drop-Down menu
  • Naming Instances
  • Target Paths
  • Absolute and relative paths
  • Targeting movie clip instances from different locations
  • Using the Trace action
Week 4: Dragging the Movie Clip and Loading Movies
  • Start/stop dragging a movie clip
  • Centering a draggable movie
  • Constraining a draggable movie
  • Understanding and working with levels
  • Loading/unloading an external movie
  • Replacing a loaded movie
  • Loading movies inside movie clips
Week 5: Creating Programmatic Movement and Interactivity
  • Controlling the movie clip with buttons
  • Clip Events
  • _alpha, _visible, _rotation, _x, _y and other properties
  • Operators
  • If Statement
Week 6: Advanced Publish Settings and other Goodies
  • Creating an advanced preloader
  • Flash detection
  • Creating pop-ups for your flash movies
  • Testing your work with different flash versions
  • Uninstalling the flash player
  • Hit Test
  • Printing from flash
Completion of the Introductory flash course (A231). Those with sufficient previous flash experience can attend as well, but material covered in the introduction class will be taken for granted and will not be discussed. You also need to have some web storage somewhere on the internet. If you don't have any, there are many free sites available and will be recommended in class. Basic understanding of html, such as how to link to your files, is helpful as well.
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