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Creating Web Graphics with Paint Shop Pro

Most web site developers use graphics to enhance their pages. For many, this means that you must rely on previously created graphics that you download from royalty free sites. But there is another alternative - create your own!
Paint Shop Pro is a popular and powerful image editing application that allows you to create and modify graphics for your web pages and other documents. It has been compared to programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. This course will focus on creating graphics from scratch as well as modifying existing graphics to achieve a variety of effects through the use of tools, color manipulation, filters, masks and textures.
Week 1:
  • Description of different graphic formats (transparent, interlaced, progressive, etc.)
  • Overview of the PSP toolbar - online sources of information
  • Project: Create a simple banner graphic using the text and color fill tools
Week 2:
  • Positioning graphics on your web page
  • Working with color
  • Working with transparency
  • Focus on eyedropper, paint brushes, color replacer, airbrush, drop shadow
  • Project: Create a series of buttons for your Web page
Week 3:
  • Resizing, adding borders, copy and paste
  • Selecting a portion of the image and sending it to the clipboard
  • Focus on the selection tool, freehand tool and magic wand
  • Project: Create a formatted background with corresponding buttons and banner
Week 4:
  • Special Effects
  • Layers and Filters
  • Focus on controlling how you want your image to look
  • Project: Create and modify graphics using the above features
Week 5:
  • Masks, Filters
  • Adjusting color
  • Focus on gamma, histogram, brightness, contrast and hue map
  • Project: Create and use a mask; modify an existing graphic
Week 6:
  • Multiple elements / The image map
  • Focus on mapping
  • Make use of the picture tube and some special effects
  • Project: Create an image suitable for an image map; create an image using a picture tube; create a gradient background
Students should know basic html to post their assignments on a web site.
Paint Shop Pro version 7 or higher. Students may choose any of the textbooks listed below for this course and are welcome to submit their assignments developed with any version of PSP. Students must have webspace where they can post their assignments and the capability to do so. Ideally you should avoid webspaces that support banner ads or popup adds as this adds code to your pages.

Required Book: Choose one of the following books depending on your software version: PSP's User Guide for Version 8 or 9 (User Guide that comes with the software) OR Paint Shop Pro 8 Solutions by Lori Davis (see the book link below) OR Sam's Teach Yourself: Paint Shop Pro 7 in 24 Hours(see the book link below)
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  • Non-Member Price: $180.00 US
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'The book was great, the instructor was fantastic, the classroom interface was much better than I expected. This was an excellent learning experience, and I've already applied what I've learned to building graphics for my small business web site.' -- Lisa Costello

'This class was very helpful. I am able to use PSP 7 at a much higher level than I had expected. The instructor was great. She gave great tips and was always prompt with answers to questions and assignment corrections. A very positive class experience!' -- Douglas Zimmerman

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