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Record and Publish Videos for the Web

In this course, you will learn to record, edit and publish full-motion videos for the web using Camtasia software. Utilizing the screen or webcam, movies may be published in any of the following formats: SWF and FLV (Macromedia Flash), AVI, WMV, QuickTime (MOV), RealMedia (RM), animated GIF and executable (EXE) files as well as integrated into software such as PowerPoint or third party CD/DVD burning software. Students will learn how to produce movies, record the screen, webcam output, audio-only tracks, add special effects, and edit existing video/audio recordings.
Software Requirements
Camtasia Studio 3. Camtasia Studio 2 may be used for the course, but some of the material covered may not be available in the earlier version. Students may use the trial version for the class (
Students must have webspace available to post assignments, and the ability to post their homework in that webspace. Student browsers should be equipped with the latest Flash Player and be able to play Quicktime movies. Student should have a microphone to create the audio file. Webcam is optional.
Week 1 - Getting Started - Overview
  • Main Menus
  • Working Views
  • Opening and Importing Media, Saving Files
  • Recording Your First Movie: Recording the Screen With or Without Audio
  • Video Production Walkthrough
  • Video Sharing
  • Tips
Week 2 - Webcam Recording
  • Webcam How-to's
  • Recording Audio Only
  • Editing Videos
    • Adding Narration
    • Editing Your Audio
    • Editing a PIP
    • Adding Clips
    • Trimming a Video
    • Splitting a Video
    • Adding Transitions
    • Extending a Frame
    • Changing Clip Speed
  • Tips
Week 3 - Camtasia and Flash Movies
  • Interacting with Flash files: Checking out the .swf format
  • Rendering an AVI as a SWF Video
    • Colors
    • Frame rate
    • Advanced
    • Playback:Basic, Advanced
    • Encode audio, audio format, audio attributes
    • Watermark
    • SCORM
  • Chaining .swf Files
  • Callouts and Flash Hot Spots
    • Adding a callout
    • Adding a Flash Hot Spot
  • Tips
Week 4 - Camtasia and PowerPoint
  • Enabling the PowerPoint Add-in
  • Configuring the PowerPoint Add-in
    • Recording a PowerPoint presentation
    • Editing your PowerPoint-Camtasia video
  • Creating GIF Animated Videos
  • Tips
Week 5 - CD/DVD
  • Camtasia Theater: Configuring Camtasia Theater
  • MenuMaker
  • Information on CD/DVD Production
  • Tips
Week 6 - Effects and Additional Tools
  • Hotkeys
  • Zoom n Pan:
    • Zoom
    • Adding Zoom n Pan key frames
    • Panning
    • Title Clips
    • Adding a Title Clip
    • Title Clip properties
  • Flash quizzes:
    • Adding a Flash quiz
    • Creating a quiz
    • Flash Quiz Manager
    • Question property options
  • Mouse effects:
    • Cursor Setup options
    • Highlight Cursor options
    • Highlight Mouse click options
    • Cursor Toolbar descriptions
  • Annotation Tab:
    • System Stamp
    • Time/Date Stamp
    • Format Button
    • Format Symbols
  • System Stamp and Caption Option Buttons
Class Books
No book required
Course Price
  • Member Price: $100.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $200.00 US
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Additional Information:
This online course is limited to 50 participants. Your place in the course is confirmed by your payment. Introductory courses are intended for students with no experience in the subject matter and are seeking beginner level training.

Refund Policy: Please read our "Terms and Refund Policy" before registering for this course.

Additional Cost: Book and software migh be required for the course. Read the Requirements and Book section for more information. Course fee does not include the book and software cost .

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How eClasses Work:The classroom environment is based on Lundeen & Associates Web Crossing technology, a threaded messaging system. Instructors post lectures, reading selections, and hands-on assignments once a week in the online classroom. Students can discuss the assignments with the instructor and amongst themselves in the classroom area. This format has no set meeting time, which allows students to attend class at a time most convenient to them, yet still provides logically organized communication between class participants. Students can apply for the completion certificate after finishing the class. Web Study certificate is also available. Click on the Certificates link on the top navigation bar for more information.


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  • Member Price: $100.00 US
  • Non-Member Price: $200.00 US
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • CEUs: 3.0
  • Web Course No: A200
  • Course Instructor: Peggi Rodgers
  • Co-Instructor/TA:
  • Session Open for Registration
Before you register for this class, please read carefully the Outline, Prerequisites, Requirements, Books, and Refund Policy section.

Instructor: Peggi Rodgers
Peggi RodgersWith over eight years of web design experience, Peggi now owns and operates Misty Canyon Designs. With a major focus on new site design and established site management, Peggi is contracted with several public and private-sector entities for the design and maintenance of their websites. She is currently the webmaster for three national forest websites, the Sierra National Forest, Klamath National Forest and Cleveland National Forest

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